Firefox and IE down

  thumbscrew 20:23 09 Oct 2010

I've just discovered I can't load Firefox or IE, but Chrome is working. I'm with Talk Talk.Anyone else affected?

  sheila.weston 20:52 09 Oct 2010

I seem to be OK with all three (Ff, Chrome and IE). I am on TalkTalk (ex Tiscai).

  thumbscrew 20:54 09 Oct 2010

Thanks sheila, just discovered that I can get on line, it's just that the Talk Talk home page is blank???

  northumbria61 20:55 09 Oct 2010

Try re-booting your Router.

  northumbria61 20:56 09 Oct 2010

"it's just that the Talk Talk home page is blank"

In which case try re-setting your Home Page.

  thumbscrew 21:02 09 Oct 2010

Re set it...still do I reset the Router?

  thumbscrew 21:38 09 Oct 2010

Thanks all, just reappeared?????

  Nontek 21:49 09 Oct 2010

For future reference- to do a simple reset of the router, simply turn off/disconnect the routers Power, wait ten seconds, then switch on/reconnect Power.

  thumbscrew 23:00 09 Oct 2010

Thanks Nontek, but isn't that just the same as turning off and rebooting?

  rdave13 23:27 09 Oct 2010

Well yes as you can't reboot the router unless you can log on to it's firmware to reboot.

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