"Firefox Has Stopped Working"

  hawthorn59 14:00 29 Jul 2008


Just last night I got the message "Firefox Has Stopped Working" and then it closes. When I open it again it usually works, or if not, then after a restart it works. Any ideas why?

I do have a lot of tabs open (over 20) and about that time last night, I had opened the web site of BBC iPlayer (which is great !). But I noticed its a complete new desigh, and just wondering is there some conflict. It shouldnt really matter, you would imagine, but I dont know.

The other thing is, Im using Firefox I get update reminders but they're still for a version 2.??
Should I upgrade to 3? And does it install over previous versions? This might solve my problem.



  dogbreath1 14:49 29 Jul 2008

It's worth upgrading just based on the amount of PC resources used by FF3 compared to FF2 together with FF3's better security features.

If you still get the crash, try launching FF in FF Safe Mode (Start>All Programs). No crash then probably points toward an extension issue.

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