Firefox Hanging/Freezing

  thumbscrew 23:35 11 Jan 2012

From time to time Firefox hangs on my machine. It's usually preceded by a website suddenly not responding to my mouse, or after closing the browser I get an on screen informing me that Firefox is not responding and I have to close it or reboot. However, neither of these options work and the warning keeps reappearing.My only option then is to uninstall and reinstall. This always does the trick, but I'd prefer it not to happen (Twice today). can anyone advise please?

  birdface 09:28 12 Jan 2012

Maybe switch your add ons off to see if it works Ok.If it works Then add them back one at a time to see which one was causing the problem,

Check that your Anti Malware program is not stopping some of the add ons from running or switch the Firewall of temporarily to see if that helps.Latest Version is still 9.0.1

  thumbscrew 11:13 12 Jan 2012

Thankyou Buteman...actally Add-Ons come some way below flower arranging or knitting in my list of interests or things-to- do!! Ok, looked on Options and (I could be wrong here) but no add-ons only Plug-ins displayed. There's about twenty listed...Adobe Acrobat etc and I'd disable the lot if I could without damage!Dare I...should I...a few clicks and I'd be shot of the lot?

  birdface 16:04 12 Jan 2012

Only had 8 plug ins and disabled them just to try it.Rebooted and everything was still working so enabled them again.

How about Extensions anything on there that you can disable.

One way to do it would be to uninstall it using Revo Uninstaller in mode 4,unfortunately you would loose all of your favorites that way.

Have you not tried adblock plus that always makes it run that bit quicker.

  thumbscrew 18:03 12 Jan 2012

Looks helpful 124, off out tonight I'll investigate when I return....thanks.

  thumbscrew 11:57 14 Jan 2012

OK , started deleting one by one, just got to wait for it to happen again and then I can replace the Plugins.Thanks Buteman and 124 for your help.

  birdface 12:21 14 Jan 2012

It may have been easier just to disable them instead of removing them.

  thumbscrew 17:24 14 Jan 2012

Yes, sorry I did disable and not delete, that's what I should have typed. Thanks again buteman.

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