Firefox gone Metric?

  Barrance 17:01 15 Feb 2013

My Firefox has suddenly gone anti-imperialist and pro-metric!

Whenever an email or text has an imperial measurement it adds a bracket with the equivalent metric data therein. Its even started to do this.. 1st. ie first (1stone = 6.36Kg) This is not a premature April Fool!

I have progressively turned off add-ins but that doesn't do it. I have Firefox 18.02

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:29 15 Feb 2013

I am a little confused by your post as Firefox is a web broswer not an email client.

Are you looking at your e-mail online?

and is the same thing happening if you look at your emails with IE or Chrome for instance?

  Barrance 14:37 17 Feb 2013

Sorry if I was unclear.

No it does not happen with Internet Explorer.

See this example on a newspaper website today...

"Millions of TV sets to be hit by 4G (4 g = 0,141 oz) "

as I said it appears on any site - even on e-mail.

I have tried loading Firefox in safe mode without add-ons, and then all is well.

So I guessed this is one of the many add-ons playing up.

However I have tried disabling them one by one but without success.

So far I am stumped!

  iscanut 16:55 17 Feb 2013

Let us have the link to the page and then us Firefox users can have a look and see what happens.

  beynac 17:42 17 Feb 2013

I think that you must have the Firefox add-on Converter.

Does this appear in your Firefox add-ons? If not, have you got any toolbars installed, which could have this included?

  woodchip 18:52 17 Feb 2013

If it with PCA red letters change when you hover you need to use the Latest HOST.MVP File.

If not it may have something to do with it

  Barrance 11:10 22 Feb 2013

Converter sounds relevant I will try to remove that. Thanks All

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