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  herc182 23:41 03 Jun 2005

click here

i click on the link and click on "install" then nothing happens. it tells you to right click on it to install so i do so and "save link" to my desktop. i then move it from my desktop to the plugins folder of mozilla on my hdd.

restart mozilla and none of the plugins are there.

am i doing something wrong?


  DieSse 00:13 04 Jun 2005

I just went to the link you gave, clicked install (for the add a close button to tabs (right at the end)) - and it just installed. restarted FF as instructed, and there it was working.

So I don't really understand the right clicking you are doing, or where you got that from - can you explian more please.

BTW - that's a useful add-in.

  Stuartli 00:24 04 Jun 2005

You've listed a page of extensions - which one are you referring to in this case?

The FF download manager should enable you to install downloads successfully.

  jimv7 01:48 04 Jun 2005

I have just added tab x 0.9.1 from your link, it installed ok.

  maveric 07:08 04 Jun 2005

do you have the latest firefox? All the extentions I chose have installed OK from the link

  octal 07:53 04 Jun 2005

If this is the first time you use Firefox to add extensions, you have to allow '' to install programs. When you click on 'Install' a bar appears at the top of the window like this click here on the right hand side of the bar is a button that says 'Edit options', click on it, in the window that opens click on the button that says 'Allow this site' close the window you should then be able to install the extension.

If you've saved the file to your desktop, you can install from there, open Firefox and drag and drop the file into the Firefox window, that should install it. If you place the file directly into the extensions folder in Firefox it won't install it because Firefox needs to unpack it first.

  herc182 09:18 04 Jun 2005

I am really losing my damn patience with firefox.
when i click on the link to install the plug in nothing happens. if you hover the mouse over the link it says "right click to install". i have been using firefox for about 2 years and this version is getting irritating.

there must be some option that i have not clicked that wont let me click on some links.

furthermore, whenever i start my computer, the first time i load firefox, it opens but none of my homepages start up, and it hangs. i have to close it and start again (and then it starts fine). if i close it again for whatever reason, it wont restart until i restart the computer.

i am seriously considering another browser because these problems are not worth the hassle.

any ideas?


  octal 09:29 04 Jun 2005

I'm wondering if your profile folder has got corrupted. Try creating a new profile, don't forget to save you favourites first just in case, this gives more info: click here

  herc182 09:47 04 Jun 2005

thanks octal i have tried that before but to no avail.

another example of firefox raising my blood pressure is when i click on "tools>themes>get more themes" the hour glass shows but then nothing happens.

links seem to be a real problem to firefox at the moment.

  herc182 09:49 04 Jun 2005

for the record, i have mozilla thunderbird, and i did the same "tools>themes>get more themes" and that worked for thunderbird.

  gudgulf 10:29 04 Jun 2005

Have you tried unistalling/reinstalling Firefox? It sounds like you have a few issues so maybe the update or download you used was corrupt and not merely your user profile.

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