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Firefox, eBay and Java.

  Tycho 07:26 02 May 2010

Out of the blue has appeared a problem with eBay.

I am using Windows Vista Home Premium
Firefox 3.6.3

I first noticed the problem when I could not complete the quicksell process. It would not recognise clicks on the add photo link. The I noticed that I was getting a cut down version of the My eBay page.

I have also noticed that my iGoogle page is not rendering prop...

Hang on a minute. It has rendered properly. Check eBay... That's OK too.

I haven't a clue what is going on but it seems that I no longer have a problem.

BTW I have lots of Java Console entries in my Add ons ending with 6.0.20. In trying to rectify the above problem I disables all but the last. It didn't make any difference. What are they for?


  Tycho 09:59 02 May 2010

Thanks, cocteau48.

I have used JavaRa and all seems to be well. The list of old Java consoles is still in the FF addons. How do I get rid of them rather than just have them disabled? Doeas it matter apart from the fact that it offends my feelings of tidiness, :-)


  Tycho 10:01 02 May 2010

I did not use JavaRa to update Java just to remove old versions. I only updated it yesterday on the instructions of the lady from eBay.


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