firefox download history list doesnt show any contents?

  theDarkness 14:54 10 Feb 2012

for example-if I right click on an image in firefox, select 'save image as' and then hit the enter key at my preferred location (or simply click on 'save'), the download history folder will then appear on screen automatically, but the image that I have downloaded will automatically disappear from this list in less than half a second. I think firefox has been set to an automatically clear this download history list, or not to show history. Does anyone know where the setting is, so it does not automatically clear? Thanks

  markd71 15:47 10 Feb 2012

You probably have the 'Private Browsing' enabled denoted by a purple box in upper left hand corner

  Woolwell 15:56 10 Feb 2012

Similar Problem in this thread and this may help Firefox downloads

  theDarkness 16:05 10 Feb 2012

Thanks, but in firefox privacy options, 'private browsing mode' is off, and 'remember download history' is on. There is no purple box showing in the browser. 'Clear history when firefox closes' is also off. Perhaps the auto clear for download history is a bug that cannot be undone without editing the firefox related registry settings-updating and reinstalling firefox makes no difference

  theDarkness 16:57 10 Feb 2012

edit - it seems to be back to normal now, it was auto clearing for a couple of months at least, but Ive simply switched to 'remember history' and turned privacy mode on and then back off again. Either one seems to have done the trick. If it happens again then Ill know its likely a common bug (or this system playing up). Firefox must have been simply stuck on one setting for no particular reason. Thanks

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