Firefox does not remember password!!!

  Sparkly 17:07 09 Aug 2008

Hi can someone advise please,i have just started useing Firefox and each time i close the browser it does not save my password even though when i login each time the remember password box is ticked,i have looked in the Tools>Options box but cant seem to find a box to tick to remember my password.
Could anyone help with this please.

  FatboySlim71 17:45 09 Aug 2008

Try this:

Go to TOOLS menu/click on the SECURITY tab and then tick the REMEMBER PASSWORDS FOR SITES.

  FatboySlim71 17:46 09 Aug 2008

The procedure I have described above is for the latest version of Firefox, the latest version can be got from here.

click here

  Sparkly 17:56 09 Aug 2008

Hi FatboySlim71 thanks for the help i will give it a go, and the link to firefox3 is the version i have downloaded.
I'll get back on your suggestion.

  Sparkly 18:03 09 Aug 2008

Hi again FatboySlim71 that box is allreadt ticked and had to sign back into this site again getting a tad annoying now.

  FatboySlim71 22:28 09 Aug 2008

Go to the tools menu again and options, next click on the PRIVACY tab, at the bottom of the window you should see a PRIVATE DATA section, you need to make sure that the ALWAYS CLEAR MY PRIVATE DATA WHEN I CLOSE FIREFOX is NOT TICKED.

You arn't running CCleaner by any chance in between visits to this site are you?

  Sparkly 07:59 10 Aug 2008

Thanks for the reply last night FatboySlim71,managed to solve the logging in problem with the browser, i had to go to the Tools>Clear Private Data Tab and untick the Authanticated Sessions box i had done this previously but each time i opened the browser it was ticked again but seems to have settled now and it has not reticked itself for a while now, just need to find the option to keep me signed into the forum here as it still logs me out even though the website remembers my email address and password each time i return i have to log back in.
Also a no to CCleaner and "ALWAYS CLEAR MY PRIVATE DATA WHEN I CLOSE FIREFOX is NOT TICKED." this is not ticked, slow progress but progress.
Thanks for your time.

  FatboySlim71 08:59 10 Aug 2008

I'm sure you will get it sorted in the end, sorry I can't think of anymore suggestions but I would imagine that someone on here may be able to help your further. :-)

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