Firefox does not quit

  johnincrete 15:38 22 Jan 2011

If I exit Firefox, having closed all tabs except the first, either by clicking the white cross on red background or by selecting File/Exit, I am asked if I want to save or just quit. I always just quit.
But Task Manager shows that it is still running & taking up lots of memory. Uhntil I end the process through Task manager, I cannot run Firefox again.
When it does run, I get the extremely stupid and annoying "oops" message.

  GaT7 15:47 22 Jan 2011

I had this problem the other day, & couldn't end it with Task Manager or even shutdown the PC - had to resort to a system reset in the end.

What I'd suggest doing is, uninstalling Firefox, including deleting your profile(s) (so backup this up if necessary), then start anew with a fresh download & install of the latest version click here. So far it's been working like a dream. G

  johnincrete 08:25 27 Jan 2011

Add this problem to the scripts problem that I posted earlier & have not resolved and the fact that any search via Google brings up Greek sites, reflecting I live in Greece but useless because I haven't leart enough Greek to read them!
It's not worth the bother. I'll go back to IE

  scotty 11:55 27 Jan 2011

A useful trick with google is to add /ncr to the address. This forces google to use the typed localisation (.com or and over-rides the geographic localisation.
e.g. click here

  johnincrete 11:52 02 Feb 2011

What is my profile & how do I back it up & re-install?

  GaT7 14:32 02 Feb 2011

Your profile is where all the information you saved (like bookmarks, passwords) & customisations you did in Firefox reside.

Here's the info you need to backup & restore your profile click here. But only do so if absolutely necessary, as sometimes a corrupted profile could be the root cause of the problems. In this were true, then restoring a corrupted profile will take you back to square one. G

  johndrew 16:23 02 Feb 2011

Which version are you running?

There have been some complaints about deviant behaviour of this type over the years and some versions seem more prone than others.

I'm running 3.5.16 (couldn't get on with 3.6) and on odd occasions it seems to hang for a few seconds at high CPU usage before it closes.

  johnincrete 09:50 18 Mar 2011

This and some other problems were caused by PC Tools Spyware Doctor. Deleted it and now Firefox behaves. It still resides in memory after being closed but I can run it again OK

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