Firefox constantly crashing

  SillBill 19:15 21 Jan 2013

Every time I attempt to minimise the current screen Firefox stops working. I've uninstalled it and reinstalled to no avail. Same thing happens with Nightly.

  SillBill 21:15 21 Jan 2013

Update: If I use the scrollbar to scroll down the page Firefox will crash, but if I scroll down using the mouse wheel - it doesn't (crash that is).

  hiwatt 21:28 21 Jan 2013

No problems here with the latest firefox.Try restarting with add ons disabled to see if that makes a difference?

  difarn 21:31 21 Jan 2013

A friend recently had a problem with Firefox crashing when closing tabs - after disabling Norton Safe Search the problem was resolved. I know it is not the same scenario but there could be something in it.

  SillBill 21:43 21 Jan 2013

I disabled all add ons but that didn't make any difference, so have downloaded and reinstalled again. Will see if that helps.

  SillBill 21:46 21 Jan 2013

Well that was pretty futile, it still crashes.

  Woolwell 22:34 21 Jan 2013
  SillBill 11:06 22 Jan 2013

Seems like a good night's sleep has cured it!

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