firefox- connection refused

  moggers 07:48 28 Nov 2005

I keep getting the following error message when trying to open certain links using firefox can anyone help?

'the connection was refused when attempting to contact'

these are from various websites including the easyjet site so doubt its due to dodgy links?????

  Skyver 08:32 28 Nov 2005

Does it happen in Internet Explorer too?
Check your hosts file
click here
or settings if you have the adblock extension for Firefox.

  moggers 13:16 28 Nov 2005

erm that link didnt work..........

and the only extension I have apparently is the yahoo toolbar if i click: Tools/Extensions this is the only thing that shows up

  moggers 14:31 28 Nov 2005

OK i just tried that on IE and no luck it cant be the websites Ive tried both EBAY and easyjet and this has happens quite alot, I get the 'page cant be displayed ' message with IE.

Any suggestions?

  moore_mat 14:39 28 Nov 2005

If it happens when you get adverts (e.g. the address in your first post), then it could be antispyware software on your PC. Could you please list any Spyware programs you have installed (e.g. Spybot search and destroy) as some of these have features to turn off adverts on websites like ebay...

All the best

[email protected]

  moggers 15:35 28 Nov 2005

yes i have ad aware SE and spybot installed also Microsoft anti spyware running

  Skyver 15:43 28 Nov 2005

The only doubleclick reference on the Ebay homepage is one of the initial popups and sometimes the ad in the centre of the screen - do you get Ebay to appear with
text in the middle complaining that it can't load the page (when it really just means the ad that should be in the centre of the page).

If the link didn't work you won't have been able to read how to disable your hosts file.
If you have XP, look in Windows/System32/Drivers/etc for a file called `hosts`, rename to hosts.bak or hosts.txt and try the problem sites again, you may need to reboot.

  moggers 09:26 29 Nov 2005

i found a file named hostname.exe is this the file i should rename?

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