Firefox, Chrome or Safari? Fed up with IE

  [email protected] 08:21 19 Feb 2010

I'm finding IE very slow, and often failing to respond, I have had to repair and reset several times.
I thought I'd try Firefox, Chrome or Safari(though less inclined to Safari as not overly keen on Apple products).
Any recommendations please? I have Vista Home OS.
Do they import favourites from IE or do you have to strat again and if I choose one and don't like it are they easy to remove?
Phew! Thanks!

  jack 08:28 19 Feb 2010

Is the most used alternative it seems
Why not try them all.

Be aware though even Firefox is not problem free for some folk - it depends on the users idividual set up
For example Firefox now V 3.6 will not work CoolIris for me but earlier versions did.

  Andsome 08:30 19 Feb 2010

I all honesty I tried FF some time ago and got rid of it. On XP I found IE8 VERY fast and on Windows 7 it is superb. Before I have taken the pressure off my finger the website in question is open. It would be impossible for it to be faster. It must be something else causing the problem. How often do you maintain your computer? The last thing that I do before shutting down is to run C Cleaner, done this often it takes all of about ten seconds, and is well worth it. Are you free of Mal ware?

  Technotiger 08:30 19 Feb 2010

Hi, I recommend Firefox, it is Grrreat! Yes, you can import your favorites from IE - in Firefox Favorites are called Bookmarks!

  [email protected] 08:37 19 Feb 2010

Thanks, interesting so far- I'll look at CCleaner, I have kapersky running for security etc

  morddwyd 09:09 19 Feb 2010

I have used Chrome since the first beta and it is my browser of choice.

However, I do sometimes use Firefox, like when using the PCA site, as you can choose your own colours and I have problems with red and blue.

I have never used IE, in any of its incarnations.

Prior to FF I used Netscape.

  legalrep 09:15 19 Feb 2010

Chrome for me! Simple to use and very fast, Firefox is good I've used that but Chrome is my advice, currently using the latest beta version and its very stable and quicker than both IE and Firefox, give it a go you will certainly notice a big speed increase.

  [email protected] 09:45 19 Feb 2010

Am giving chrome a try right now- certainly seems quicker but perhaps that's wishful thinking LOL! Time will tell- thanks all!

  legalrep 10:25 19 Feb 2010

Not wishuf thinking at all! It is much quicker! I blindly used IE for years because like millions of others you just do don't you!

  [email protected] 11:13 19 Feb 2010

Good point legal rep- doesn't seem to load cafe world from facebook but that's a small price to pay for the general whizziness :)

  LastChip 13:52 19 Feb 2010

Firefox without question is the firm favourite, *but*, Chrome is ridiculously fast. However, it does depend on how much you value your privacy, as I have grave suspicions about what data Chrome is collecting.

I have to say, I hadn't used Opera for a few years, until recently I started some web development and needed to test a site in multiple browsers. I was very pleasantly surprised at just how good this browser has become and out of all of them, is the most compliant. You could do worse than give it a try.

The nightmare for web developers is IE and I wish they'd just ban it!

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