Firefox and Ccleaner

  chocolatejo987 11:06 22 May 2005

I have just run Ccleaner, and it seems to have changed some settings somewhere.

Some forums that I visit no longer look the same. It appears that all the fonts have been changed to Times Roman, and it doesn't look as smooth. Sorry my description is so poor!

Does anyone know what I need to do to get it back to how it was?? I can't just restore the things deleted, as Ccleaner doesn't store a back-up.


  Pooke100 11:15 22 May 2005

not sure, but I have to say I have been using ccleaner for months and never had problems, are you sure its ccleaner?

Is it in firefox that things have changed?? try unistalling and re-installing FF if it is......

  chocolatejo987 11:34 22 May 2005

I just ran Ccleaner - usually I have no problems. However I did do something different this time. Usually I only run the "issues" tab. This time I ran the other two tabs (applications and something??). They deleted a load of things.

I also can't get into my yahoo mail through firefox now!! Getting very stressed. i've swapped over to IE again.

Think I will try uninstalling firefox and reinstalling. Thanks.

  chocolatejo987 11:42 22 May 2005

Just reinstalled - it's still the same!! I'm panicing a little now.

I can't access my mail - it just comes up as a completely blank page.

The text on some websites are still not right (ebay as well as some forums)

can anyone help?!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:25 22 May 2005

CCleaner removes from firefox:-

Cookies, download history , internet cache and internet history.

None of which affect the layout or view of Firefox.

  chocolatejo987 12:39 22 May 2005

Any clues to what may have caused it then Fruit Bat?? I will try anything, i don't want to have to go back to IE, but am having to as I can't access my mail account.

  Tenacious Green 16:53 22 May 2005

Did you back up the registry changes when using the fix issues part of Ccleaner? If so then just restore the changes made back to the registry by clicking on the registry change you saved. If you didn't then try a restore point, go back and run Ccleaner again, but make sure you back up when prompted. You can then see if the same problem appears. If it does restore the registry change from the backup and you should get a clear finding of whether your problem lies in Ccleaner or not.

I have used CCleaner on a number of PC's and never had a problem, but I do alway's backup the changes when propmted.

  timmyjah 19:05 22 May 2005

I think I've just had the same problem, again after using Ccleaner. One website didn't display properly and said it wasn't compatable with my browser, it even suggested I should try Firefox! Another website would not display at all.

Try going into the Tools button on Firerfox, select options, then Privacy from the column on the left, then click Clear All in the bottom right hand corner. This will clear you internet history, cache and cookies.

Having done that everything appears to be working fine.

I'm not really sure what is going on here but it worked for me.

  chocolatejo987 19:25 22 May 2005

TimmyJah - You are a genius!! Problem solved.

Not sure what happened, but clearing all that history/cache/cookies has solved it.


P.s - I did try system restore but it didn't change it.

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