Firefox browser taken over by bing

  tonyx1302 14:31 04 Jan 2017

I use Firefox browser with Google as my home page but it has been totally taken over today by bing much to my annoyance. I have run AVG paid,Malaware, CC etc etc and tried various options via Google but none work Have also reset Firefox.tried in Options and a restore all without success. Windows 10 Any help please .?

  rdave13 14:44 04 Jan 2017

In firefox click on the hamburger button top right, select options then search tab on left. Choose google in the dropdown menu. Bottom box you can remove bing from the one click search engines options.

  tonyx1302 14:51 04 Jan 2017

Thanks rdave13...tried that but no luck


  rdave13 15:06 04 Jan 2017

Try Malwarebytes' ADWCleaner click here. More info and download from BleepingComputer.

  tonyx1302 16:05 04 Jan 2017

Thanks rdave13. Did as you suggested and ran ADW and pleased to say that bing is now a thing of the past !

Many thanks again Tony

  alanrwood 16:12 04 Jan 2017

It is nothing that Firefox has done. I have 10 machines here with Firefox and none of them have changed. Have you installed any new software lately as it is probably a PUP.

  morddwyd 19:22 04 Jan 2017


Thanks! I was having similar in Chrome, more of a nuisance than a problem, but your suggestion prompted me to do something about it (successfully!).

  tonyx1302 17:32 06 Jan 2017

Success !!! At last I appear to have cracked it. I tried the suggested options but none worked so I resorted to plan B as per my last post and started back at the beginning with a delete and re instal of Firefox which fortunatly kept all my bookmarks and add ons etc but not the icons. I have now run Firefox as my browser and put three icons on my desktop is again tickety boo again. Thanks to rdave13 and all for your input and help. Very much appreciated Tony

  rdave13 17:48 06 Jan 2017

Wrong thread tonyx1302 but glad to know you sorted it.

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