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Firefox Browser - Progress Bar and Stop Button

  johndrew 12:30 07 May 2012

In earlier versions of Firefox there was a small Progress bar which appeared in the 'Add-on Bar' at the bottom of the window. I found this most useful as some pages tend to hang on loading and can be helped if stopped and restarted; the bar progress was an indicator that a page was hanging.

Similarly the 'Stop' button (a large red cross in the Menu bar) was an accessible way of stopping the page from loading.

Later versions appear to have done away with these facilities (unless they are hidden in an options menu somewhere) and I wondered if anyone knows of a way of regaining them or of an Add-on that provides similar functions.

With thanks for any help.

  johndrew 10:31 08 May 2012

Many thanks for your responses.

It would appear the transition from my earlier version of Firefox when I updated was not quite what Mozilla promised as several of the buttons were missing from the toolbar.

In 'Customise' there are separate black 'Stop' and 'Reload' icons, if dragged to the toolbar only the 'Reload' button is visible until a page is loading when it changes to a black cross as a stop button - as you said. Why they have gone from colour to monochrome for these I have no idea as they were far more visible before.

For the 'Progress' bar I have installed Status 4 Evar from your link and this provides an indication much as was present before.

Once again thanks for your help.

  johndrew 09:37 09 May 2012

It looks much better and is clearer with Firefox 3 theme Add-on.

Thanks a lot.

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