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Firefox browser hijacked by Bing

  muddypaws 13:50 13 Dec 2019

I haven't visited the forum for over a year so apologies if this has already been asked. Every time I open my F.Fox browser it redirects to Bing. I have tried all suggestions on line. Tried resetting browser via options/search dozens of times. Used Malwarebytes, and numerous other scans. I have steered clear of looking in the registry. Any suggestion would be very much appreciated.

  x13 21:03 13 Dec 2019

Try ADWcleaner. Failing that then use something such as Geek uninstaller to remove FF,


  muddypaws 11:50 14 Dec 2019

wee eddie: Tried Malwarebytes again, also their adware cleaner. Uninstalled FF with Geek.Restarted PC. Re-installed FF and still Get Bing!!! Driving me nuts.

  x13 12:32 14 Dec 2019

Sorry to hear your issue is continuing. Any strange apps installed showing in Programs and features? Have a look at this comprehensive guide and run the suggestions for your OS and browser, including IE, even if you don't use it. Ignore the recommendation for SpyHunter.


  x13 13:01 14 Dec 2019

Another thing to check is scheduled tasks. Click on Start and start typing " task" then in the result window click on Task Scheduler. Check under Task Scheduler Library what's been set up. Example -

  muddypaws 13:45 14 Dec 2019

x13 Thanks .No luck there I fear. Having a break now! Spent 1 hour on it. Using Chrome for the last week which when open shows the FF tool bar at the top with the FF 'getting started' tab. which opens, but can't gat sny further into FF. Cheers

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