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Firefox browser hijacked by Bing

  muddypaws 13:50 13 Dec 2019

I haven't visited the forum for over a year so apologies if this has already been asked. Every time I open my F.Fox browser it redirects to Bing. I have tried all suggestions on line. Tried resetting browser via options/search dozens of times. Used Malwarebytes, and numerous other scans. I have steered clear of looking in the registry. Any suggestion would be very much appreciated.

  x13 14:34 13 Dec 2019

Have you checked the shortcut properties? Should only show "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" with nothing else under shortcut tab?

  BRYNIT 16:56 13 Dec 2019

Have you tried going into Firefox options, search, scroll down to search engine and delete all the ones that you do not want. Scroll up a little and you will find "Default Search Engine" here you can select which one you want as the default.

  x13 16:59 13 Dec 2019

Also check 'Home Page'.

  mikef. 17:26 13 Dec 2019

Home page is the answer, after updating sometimes rewverets to search engine as home page, just open what you want as your home page and click use current page

  muddypaws 19:39 13 Dec 2019

x13 That's all in order

  muddypaws 19:41 13 Dec 2019

BRYNIT Done that many times without success

  muddypaws 19:59 13 Dec 2019

Incidentally I'm on W.10.

  muddypaws 20:02 13 Dec 2019

mikef. RE home page. I can't get into FF to do that.

  muddypaws 20:17 13 Dec 2019

Thanks for all replies. I have re-installed FF numerous times. I will wait for any more suggestions. Hopefully before I have torn out all my hair!

  wee eddie 21:00 13 Dec 2019

Have you tried MBAM's Adware Cleaner try here

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