Firefox Browser.

  MIke 17:55 06 Nov 2004

Earlier today I downloaded Firefox Browser from click here after reading that it is supposedly more secure than IE.

I've been playing around with it and actually quite like it. In particular the tabbed browsing capabilities.

I found importing my settings from IE to be simple, and I love the idea of being able to open up any number of Internet pages as a set of tabs. I dare say most people go to a fixed number of internet sites on a regular basis. With Firefox you can set all your regularly visited pages within one window via the tab function, and save that collection as your homepage. A brilliant idea.

I've also noticed the download manager saves a list of downloads so you can get them again if necessary, or re-try failed downloads, another improvement over IE.

Browsing seems faster too.

Anyone know of any downsides to Firefox, or any other useful features they know about?

I think it's goodbye to Internet Explorer for me. Although as mentioned elsewhere it's unwise to remove it ....shame as I'd regain some HDD space!

  mbp 18:25 06 Nov 2004

Firefox is an excellent little browser program and you have summarized it very well, but don't Remove your IE yet! You'll need it for your automatic Microsoft Windows Updates, although there work arounds, I am sure. I have found that not all web pages, especially those requiring Adobe Reader, open freely with Firefox. When I hear a lot of clicking in my computer and delays in opening a web page, I switch to IE. It then opens with no proplems, also if you use Internet Banking, the Banks still believe that everyone uses IE. Of course I am still using FF 0.9 and maybe in the latest updates some of the problems have been resolved?

  Irishman 18:39 06 Nov 2004

You will have to hold onto IE as some sites don't work on Firefox. The National Lottery is one and of course Windows Update. Downsides? Well, the regular crashes of Firefox I get on two computers does get a tad annoying but hopefully these will have disappeared with the next release.

  throwitoutthewindow 18:42 06 Nov 2004

Just got it today. It's a bit like Apple vs PC. Apple just seemed to get the interface more intuitive. Firefox is much more how you would like a browser to be.

  MIke 18:43 06 Nov 2004

Thanks for those, I've not tried my bank site yet, nor pdf files.

Still it looks good!

  rômanab 19:03 06 Nov 2004

For sites that are fussy try the Firefox extension IE View click here it will appear in your right click menu.

  steve0 19:05 06 Nov 2004

pdf files work fine - I use it for Barclaycard and other financial sites - there is also an add-on that automatically directs you to IE if you ask for windows updates. Also use Opera on a regular basis - not decided which I like best. Would never go back to IE6!

  MIke 19:12 06 Nov 2004

I've just tried my Bank and credit card sites, they work fine, as do pdf files with Acrobat Reader 6. The only one I can't get to work so far is Virgin Music Downloads.Says it needs IE.

Clicking on Windows update from the start menu loads IE anyway, even though I made Firefox the default browser. Or do I need to re-boot for Firefox to become default?

  Diodorus Siculus 19:23 06 Nov 2004

[quote] Clicking on Windows update from the start menu loads IE anyway[/quote] - it always will load IE rather than firefox for this option.

Have you looked at the extensions available? click here

  MIke 19:28 06 Nov 2004

Yes thanks, just been looking at the Extensions and themes. Don't want to download too much rather try to keep Firefox as lean as possible!

  Diodorus Siculus 19:35 06 Nov 2004

I agree with keeping it lean but some extensions are just too good to miss!

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