Is firefox better than internet explorer?

  conradwebster 19:35 10 Aug 2008

I am wanting to be convinced that firefox is the better browser. It is quicker,the bookmarks work well and the add-ons especially piclens are great. But, I am writing this here rather than in the firefox forum because after I have entered the number prior to publishing it says I have entered the wrong number, every time. When I try to log in which I have done previously it says cookies must be enabled. How to do this would be a start. They seem enabled in the options menu. But the main point is that the font on the web pages just does not look as good as in ie or bt yahoo. All three say it is Times New Roman. In advanced, allowing sites to choose their own font does not help and I have tried most other fonts including Arial and Courier.Can someone suggest how to make firefox pages display exactly like ie.

  tullie 19:45 10 Aug 2008

Dont know which forum you are talking about,or anything else,excuse me if i havent grasped what you are saying.
Im not going to convince you which is the best browser,thats up to you to decide,i prefer firefox.

  [email protected] 20:13 10 Aug 2008

Opened them side by side.The pages look the same for me,In firefox,allowing sites to choose their own font is selected as you have already checked.
So, sorry not sure why your pages display differently.
As for better browser,my personal opinion is that it renders the pages better than ie7,theres more add ons and is more secure.Speed theres not that much in it whilst using the ie7pro add on for ie.
I guess for most it boils down to personal preference.

  woodchip 20:16 10 Aug 2008

No Idea I use Flock click here

  gobuddygo 20:25 10 Aug 2008

Is flock not firefox with a few blogging tools ???

  tullie 20:27 10 Aug 2008

Never heard of that one WC,youve been a bit sheepish about it.

  woodchip 20:28 10 Aug 2008

Its very good

  woodchip 20:29 10 Aug 2008

Setting Options are under tools

  woodchip 20:33 10 Aug 2008

PS I have it on four Computers

  gobuddygo 20:36 10 Aug 2008

thanks woodchip,looks good
sames as firefox but with extra bits, I suppose its like using firefox with related add ons or am i missing something?.

  woodchip 20:40 10 Aug 2008

Firefox engine all these come from Netscape nest now Mozila read click here for the beta version

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