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  thumbscrew 23:18 25 Mar 2008

Sunnystaines, I followed your advice and downloaded Firefox 3 beta.Then all sorts of problems began. Decided to uninstall and revert to earlier 2 version, but it wouldn't install. System restored still wouldn't go on. Eventually got the beta back on, now I've lost my Filehippo udc checker. Despite re-installing that won't go back on. Can anyone help?

  sunny staines 01:46 26 Mar 2008

the filehippo download of firefox is corrupted i posted it in an earlier thread, use the beta 5 on majorgeeks

  sunny staines 01:47 26 Mar 2008
  thumbscrew 08:42 26 Mar 2008

Thanks sunnystaines, got Minefield on now. As I put in an earlier post, since upgrading I can't access Udc (You explain it's corrupted), but also now I can't open notification e-mails telling me I have a Helproom reply...there's no response when I click. I'm receiving the messages, they just won't open and this only began to happen since yesterday when I began to upgrade Firefox. Can anyone advise?

  oldbeefer2 08:50 26 Mar 2008

Not to muddy the waters, but I too downloaded the Beta version - didn't work well. Uninstalled and downloaded Firefox. Problem is, every time I try to open it I get 'firefox has encountered....'. Looks as though there is something odd with the Beta version.

  cocteau48 09:14 26 Mar 2008

Firefox "minefield"
It runs OK within itself and alongside Firefox 2 if you so desire....but:
If you start to alter any of your themes,add-ons,extensions in minefield it does alter your firefox profile which does in turn affect Firefox 2.
Uninstalling minefield does not undo the changes made to your profile so you can end up with a profile you do not want in Firefox 2.... and you may also find that some add-ons/extensions no longer work in Firefox 2.
Creating a new profile may get you out of that one but I am not sure as I used an acronis image to get me back to the way it was.
(Also note that doing a system restore does not appear to reverse the changes made to your Firefox profile)
I am not knocking Firefox 3 but I think that there is a slight tongue-in-cheek element to Mozilla calling it "Minefield"
I shall await the release of the final version...possibly less explosive!

  DieSse 09:34 26 Mar 2008

I've been running FireFox 3 beta4 since it's release, with no problems. Many add-ons will not work yet, but then I wouldn't expect them to (wait for the final release for that).

Beta5 has not been officially released yet - I believe what is being called beta5 is simply the work in progress towards the beta5 release. Read this click here

Using betas is fine if you want to help with testing (and provide feedback on what happens), or just want to get experience. You need to expect non-perfect results - it's a testing release, and just a staging post on the way to final release.

Running pre-release betas is madness. You may as well run the nightly builds - no doubt you'll get all sorts of quaint results.

  thumbscrew 22:20 26 Mar 2008

Well, yesterday I broke the PC habit of a lifetime and downloaded a beta and that was a big mistake.From problem free usage, I instantly went to maximum hassles, total confusion and, at one stage almost phoning a £50 per hour call out guy to put me back to where I was before I clicked on that untested download.
So, from ok, I found I couldn't do umpteen things I could do a few minutes before.Tried to rid myself of the cancer but it was ultra-malignant and wouldn't vanish.
System restore-not a hope. Re-download Firefox 2-sorry, won't install...sheesh, why do I meddle? cocteau's superb post says it all...equalled by DieSSe's reply.."Running pre-release betas is madness"
Somehow I'm back on Firefox 2. UDC (Working now) tells me there is a 2.2 version, "Not at home" says me.
Why install them, what's the point? They're not perfected-not finished-don't risk it-who needs it? Wait until they've been tested and deemed safe. What's the rush?

  thumbscrew 00:17 27 Mar 2008

Still my problems continue because I installed that confounded Firefox beta.I have an Epson C48 Printer with an on-screen users guide. Just clicked on it and I get a load of Notepad gobbeldygook instead of the previous instructions. Re-installed the drivers cd...still the same. Once again, can anyone help?

  cocteau48 08:11 27 Mar 2008

I do not think that there is anything basically wrong with the beta version of Firefox 3 or going back to Firefox 2 if you uninstall version 3.
The problem is that it has messed up your profile which is a separate entity from the Firefox program.
If you uninstall and reinstall any version of Firefox your profile remains on the system and is unchanged from the way you left your case from the way the beta 3 version left it.
Have a read here;
click here
on how to tinker with/alter/create a new profile.
It may get you back to square one but heed the warnings about the possible loss of personal settings.

  thumbscrew 08:49 27 Mar 2008

Thanks cocteau48,I'll leave it...enough damage done. Oh for a time machine.

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