Firefox - best add-ons?

  Pineman100 18:46 19 Feb 2010

I've read so many enthusiastic reports of Firefox that I've just downloaded it, to try as an alternative to IE8.

I've installed the ReminderFox add-on. Do you Firefox enthusiasts have any other recommendations for "must-have" add-ons, please?

  Technotiger 18:53 19 Feb 2010

These are the Extensions I use ... Ghostery - Google Toolbar - ImageShack Toolbar - Addblock Plus - Br English Dictionary - ColourfulTabs - DAP - Remove it Permanently (RIP)

  MAJ 18:55 19 Feb 2010

Adblock Plus click here and Download helper click here are my two favourites, can't do without them.

  GaT7 18:56 19 Feb 2010

The ones I cannot do without:

Adblock Plus click here

IE Tab click here - will let you use IE-only pages in FF just as if it was IE - e.g. Windows Update

PermaTabs Mod click here

British English Dictionary click here - not the best, but better than nothing

LastPass Password Manager click here


  Pineman100 19:03 19 Feb 2010

Which filter list(s) do you recommend for Adblock Plus?

  MAJ 19:11 19 Feb 2010

Easylist click here

  Blackadderthe4th 21:26 19 Feb 2010

Flashblock click here

  JohnWilliams 23:47 19 Feb 2010

Adblock Plus and Adblock element hider.

  rdave13 00:35 20 Feb 2010

I run IE8 and FF. FF addblock is enough for me otherwise you might as well go back to IE8.
As for speed there isn't much difference between them now. Add on more addons to FF and you will soon be in a worse boat.
Umm WOT is another goodish addon if you really need addons.

  Sbrads 08:36 20 Feb 2010

Tab Mix Plus to get tabs working exactly how you want.

All In One Sidebar for super quick access to bookmarks etc. Only good for full screen Firefox.

PhotoMe if you're into photography. Highly detailed EXIF info on web images.

  provider 2 15:45 20 Feb 2010

AddBlock Plus with Easylist and Speed Dial.

I also change Persona every five minutes or so ... there quite a few to chose from! Just point your cursor. click here

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