firefox ? asking to update?

  p;3 00:30 04 Apr 2005

win 98SE IE6 and firefox on Tower

when running the firefox browser, I get a small pop-up window asking me if I wish to ?update? the browser; I "ve got a firefox set up 1.0.1 exe parked on my desktop; and have just had another little window asking me if I wish to update; as this never happens when working in IE6 , any clues as to what is expected from/of me by this reminder ? and what the download exe might do?

  SANTOS7 00:39 04 Apr 2005

In the top right of the taskbar there is a red circle with a white arrow in it click on that and it will automatically load from Mozillas update site, It includes a newer version of the browser which has probably had a few glitches ironed out of it,it also works faster than the previous version.

  SANTOS7 00:44 04 Apr 2005

If red circle not there click on other link in same place takes you to Mozillas homepage you can download an update from there......

  Forum Editor 00:45 04 Apr 2005

fixes download problems that existed in earlier versions, and I recommend that you update. Rather than let the new file run from the download I suggest that you save it to disk and run it from there.

  Djohn 00:51 04 Apr 2005

As above, I downloaded it a couple of days back, do as FE says, download to your desktop then install from there.

  p;3 05:08 04 Apr 2005

you mean put it in my downloads folder, then open it from there?and what is the firefox 1.o.o exe I have parked on my desktop?

  Stuartli 09:01 04 Apr 2005

Delete your current copy of Firefox before installing 1.0.2 (your profile and configuration settings are kept in a separate folder).

If you don't want the update facility, go to Tools>Options>Advanced tab and uncheck Software Update for Firefox and/or My Extensions and Themes.

  p;3 20:23 04 Apr 2005

have just updated this; however , no option given to save it in downloads; it went straight to "install", which I have done::) what does F.E. and DJ know that P;3 does not ( and careful how you answer that)

  VoG II 20:28 04 Apr 2005

Sorry p;3, there is an 800 word limit per post on this site ;o)

  p;3 21:01 04 Apr 2005

"Sorry p;3, there is an 800 word limit per post on this site ;o) "


  shizzy 22:02 04 Apr 2005

Mine did the same and installed over the top with no option to save but all seems well. Did it on Saturday. If you click on Help, then About Mozilla Firefox, you will see you now have 1.02.

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