Firefox & Google

  vassos 12:13 23 Jul 2011

During the last 48 hours I find I can't open Google Search on Firefox. Clicking on Firefox brings up my Google page fine and all other apps work well including all bookmarks. However, when I type in a subject for internet search in the central box and click search, nothing happens - zilch. I have struggled to find a way round this glitch but with no success. I guess at the end of the day I may find it is down to something I myself have inadvertently done but right not I'm stuck.

  northumbria61 15:23 23 Jul 2011

Try this - right click on your computer icon choose manage click on services make sure microsoft net services are running if not click and select start

  northumbria61 15:30 23 Jul 2011

Does your "Google Search" work in other browsers - ie: is it okay in Internet Explorer?

  vassos 15:34 23 Jul 2011

northumbria61, it is fine in IE. Only with Firefox and seemed to happen very suddenly. By right clicking on computer I presume you mean the Firefox icon? If so I can't find a manage tab

  vassos 15:53 23 Jul 2011

Fiddling about a bit more I now find I can open the search normally by clicking on Google Search under the bar. What I am unable to do is open that search by clicking the enter key which has always previously worked. Works this way with IE

  vassos 16:01 23 Jul 2011

I've just had read on the Google web search forum and it would seem the problem is not only mine - many have it. I hope someone comes with a solution as it is a **y pest.

  northumbria61 16:07 23 Jul 2011

Thanks for that and good to see you are "not alone".

I had a similar problem the other day with "SKY Go Desktop" - SKY Player just would not open from the Desktop Icon. I uninstalled/reinstalled twice without success only to find later in the day that it was a SKY problem affecting everybody - now rectified.

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