A Firefox Addon we'll all want - Memory Restart

  Graphicool1 11:05 08 Jul 2011

More about this add-on

"Firefox has a known history of being a memory hog – leave it open for long enough with multiple tabs open, and it will slowly drain away your computer’s memory. The so called ‘memory leak’ has always been a problem with Firefox as long as I can remember. Even Mozilla acknowledges the existence of the memory issue and as a workaround it recommends periodic restart of Firefox to bring the browser’s memory usage down to reasonable levels"

"Memory Restart is an open-source Firefox add-on that allows you to quickly restart Firefox if memory usage is too high. Firefox users can see the memory usage in the add-on bar or the toolbar tool-tip. If memory usage reaches a certain threshold, the add-on bar display and the toolbar icon will turn red. You can quickly restart Firefox at any time by clicking on the add-on bar display or the toolbar icon.

The memory threshold and add-on bar text colors are customizable. There is also an auto restart feature"

To download CLICK HERE

  robin_x 11:33 08 Jul 2011

Also see MemoryFox

Right click the little circle icon in the status/Add-on bar at bottom of page, Activate and forget (so I've heard)

  rawprawn 12:17 08 Jul 2011

Marked so that I can find it when I get back from holiday, I can't download it now because I am using iPad.

  Graphicool1 12:39 08 Jul 2011

To be honest, when I was sent the link for this software, it was the first I'd heard about FF's power consumption problem.


Thanx for your input, I guess you/I could have them both running at the same time. Depending how much memory they consume? That can be the trouble with so many addons these days, they may stop the programme in question consuming the power but it isn't much good if they themselves are power hungry. Still I'll give them the benefit of any doubt I may have and give them both a go.

Do I take it from "(so I've heard)" that you are not an FF user? Or just not an addon user?

  robin_x 12:48 08 Jul 2011

'So I've heard' means that although I am computer literate since the days of Z80, I do not consider myself an expert and rely on others tips and tricks.

FF mem probs widely discussed here" target="_blank">http://forums.digitalspy.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1499995">here (my other favourite hangout)

  robin_x 12:49 08 Jul 2011
  Graphicool1 13:02 08 Jul 2011

Hi robinofloxley

I'll check it out. I see it's not just me that's having trouble posting stuff on PCA today. I can't tell you how many tries I had to post this thread. Initially I was trying on 'Consumerwatch', No joy there, but after several attempts it was successfull here.

  EARLR 13:26 08 Jul 2011


  Mr Mistoffelees 14:33 08 Jul 2011

I use Opera, it doesn't need add-ons to make it work!

  spuds 17:36 08 Jul 2011

If you use the download link, it might pay to read the reviews on that link.

Appears there was a bug with this add-on, which as now been fixed. At least, it gives you confidence that Firefox developers are watching the reviews and passing on comments.

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