Firefox 8 dead slow!

  Ikarus 15:27 12 Nov 2011

I have downloaded FF8 and find that pages take an age to load - the notification is always "waiting for..." Eventually the page loads but elements on the page can then take a long time to load. I never had this with FF7. I am running Win7 Home Premium with 4GB of RAM. If I use Google Chrome browser everything loads quickly using the same pages as for FF8 and the same wireless router.

I also have a Netbook running Win7 Home Premium and FF8 using the same wireless router. This works perfectly with little or no delay on the same sites and pages.

Is this FF8 or is there something that I have missed? Thought and possible causes received with thanks.

  Ikarus 16:07 12 Nov 2011

Two sites which have caused problems are Amazon and Marks and Spencer. In both cases the information at the bottom of the screen shows "waiting for ecx.images-amazon/marks and" The computer sceen is blank for most of the time but after a minute or more most of the page loads but the waiting for"ecx images" etc is still shown for another minute or so. Because it takes so long to load pages I have swapped over to Google Chrome or used the Netbook. I would prefer to use FF8 as I have used FF for some years without problems.

  Ikarus 18:27 12 Nov 2011

I have uninstalled FF8 twice (using Revo uninstaller) and re-installed it with no improvement. I have now downloaded and installed FF7 but this has not cured the problem. Thanks for your comments and suggestions. I also find that typing in a search item and using Google or Yahoo results in a massive delay in displaying anything on the screen. Perhaps I will have to persue my internet connection with my ISP - BT.

  Ikarus 18:29 12 Nov 2011

having sent the last reply I had a warning that AVG had detected high memory usage by FF of 267mb. It suggested closing FF and starting again.

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