Firefox 4

  gazmix 20:23 07 May 2011

Ok so i keep getting prompted to download Firefox 4. I did & i don't like it! I can't have my theme, things have moved about, i mean why the hell is the homepage icon in the top right corner! Also, there is no page loading bar in bottom right!! Why is this!?, or am i overlooking something & i can customize all this!?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:37 07 May 2011
  cocteau48 09:32 08 May 2011

Page loading bar: This has been replaced by a thin green line which progresses along the bottom of the search bar as the page loads. If you want a loading bar back at the bottom of the page where it used to be then this add-on (Status 4 Evar) will do that for you link text.

I also have lost my favourite theme (Devious Green based on the colour scheme of the Deviant Art website)which has mysteriously completely disappeared from the Firefox catalogue altogether.

BTW Firefox 5 is due for release towards the end of June.

  Woolwell 13:01 08 May 2011

To move the Home icon to the left. Right click on the bar at the top and select customise. Whilst the customise window is open click and hold on the home icon and you can then drag it to where you want.

  gazmix 19:47 09 May 2011

Cocteau, i don't even have a thin green line! There is no bottom border between the blue Windows toolbar & the main screen! In 3.6.17 there is a beige border with the Done in the bottom left corner & the padlock in bottom right!

  Woolwell 19:55 09 May 2011

I don't get a thin green line either. What I do get is a revolving circle top left of the tab but it doesn't show progress as such.

  Woolwell 19:57 09 May 2011
  birdface 20:02 09 May 2011

It is now called add on bar and can be found in view.toolbars.

  birdface 20:06 09 May 2011


Oops thought that you were actually looking for it and never noticed it was a Link. Sorry.

  Woolwell 20:10 09 May 2011

I should have put "read this" before the link

  gazmix 23:41 09 May 2011


I see Firefox have been kind & overnight given me my theme back of Nautipolis, but how they can remove a descent page load bar that is obviously working well for a thin green line, is daft!

Cheers Cocteau!

I just hope they keep the 'Old location bar' as the other is plain daft!

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