conrail 15:14 26 May 2010

using vista home premium 64 bit, on advice from friends I am trying firefox 3.6 browser, I have two queries:
1) when I tried to start a new discussion here it takes me to the bottom of the page to the adverts, I am using ie 8 to write this,
2) on ie8 opening a new tab I had thumbnails of regularly used site to click on, can I get them on firefox?
all help and advice gratefully accepted

  conrail 15:17 26 May 2010

my apologies, I see what happened with number 1; I had logged in but going to the top of the page from the adverts to look through my postings, I noticed it had not logged me in? although I definitely did log in, so please ignore number one, again sorry

  Woolwell 16:09 26 May 2010

The bookmarks toolbar will give you a button to press to see most visited sites. You can drag and drop you favourite sites to this toolbar too. It does not give a thumbnail though. To view the bookmarks toolbar click on View and Toolbars.

Firefox is my preferred browser mainly because I like the Google toolbar. Opera is quite good and does give thumbnails and I think it is quicker than Firefox.

  Sea Urchin 16:52 26 May 2010

>> Firefox is my preferred browser mainly because I like the Google toolbar <<

Can you not also use it on IE?

  provider 2 17:06 26 May 2010

Never had a problem with Google Toolbar on IE 7.

On IE 8, is another matter, however. It takes forever to load and, in my case anyway, always triggered the restart option, until I uninstalled it and found IE 8 runs noticeably quicker without it.

  Woolwell 17:12 26 May 2010

That was a stupid comment of mine of course you can use it in IE but you cannot in Opera or Chrome. I don't particularly like IE.

  conrail 21:23 26 May 2010

thanks to one and all, particularly Woolwell, I have a long list of favoutites/bookmarks, the ones I had thumbnails on in ie8 were not neccesarily ones I used regularly but ones I didn't want to search my bookmarks for, I am involved with amdram and a lot of amdram group sites were there rather than in my fav lists under theatre/amdram/local, I could just open a new tab and select the one I wanted, I just thought is was a nice option, it is still there under my ie8 option but as firefox is supposed to be better I might get rid of ie8 but not until I am happy with firefox and I know it,

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