johnexpgn 17:35 19 Apr 2010

I have been experiencing problems with Firefox for the first time in years. The recent editions seem to have glitches which never seemed to happen before.
The history page comes up with just today and yesterday and that's it. Despite the settings being for last 14 days.
Anyone know how to correct this?
Spasmodically the program seems to stay open when to all appearances it has been closed and 'not responding notices keep coming up. It alsoseems to take much longer to close down when it closes properly.
Having been a devotee of Firefox for many years I seem to have fewer problems with Internet Explorer.
Anyone out there having similar problems?

  birdface 17:39 19 Apr 2010

I had the same problem,Pages would not close and had to switch Firefox Off and back on again to get it working properly.
Happened once to often and finally removed it and back with IE8 now.

  robin_x 18:36 19 Apr 2010

Mine has been slow last couple of weeks or so since that last urgent update. Upto a minute to load...lots of slow pages...lots of cannot connect pages.

Decided earlier this afternoon I would have a look and went to clear some of my add-ons and extensions.
(had about 20-30, some essential some down to browsing interesting stuff)

I lost eQuake at a previous update..I miss that.
Today, I had a VPN thing leftover from a recent install/uninstall in W7.
It hung the add-on window when I tried to uninstall the add-on in FF. Had to CTRL-ALt-Del it.

Never had that before. FF almost never crashes for me.

Seems a better now I have cleared some stuff. Have not tried a full reinstall yet.

Personally I could not go back to IE8. I have seen the light. (only since last 6 months)

  Woolwell 18:38 19 Apr 2010

You will need to provide more information. What is your OS, what anti-virus/malware are you running as this can affect history? What add-ons do you have?

I haven't had any problems with the latest version of Firefox.

  johnexpgn 19:11 19 Apr 2010

OS is Windows XP.
Security software is Bullguard v8.7 also Malaware anti Malware.
Addons are: Roboform toolbar, framework assistant & winamp toolbar.

  Woolwell 19:18 19 Apr 2010

Sorry but I'm not familiar with Bullguard or Malaware. I don't have Microsoft net framework enabled and it doesn't seem to make a difference and I don't have problems. You could try disabling it.

  cocteau48 19:42 19 Apr 2010

Absolutely no problems with Firefox here in conjunction with Bullguard Security Suite (on both Vista and XP machines)

Also running with almost thirty add-ons.

On the very rare occasion that I get Firefox still running when it has apparently been shut down it is easy enough to just hit Ctrl/Alt/Delete to bring up the Task Manager and end the running process.

  ajm600 20:20 19 Apr 2010

I have used Firefox in preference to IE for about 2 years. Just recently - and I have uninstalled and reinstalled a couple of times to try to cure it - Firefox occasionally refuses to open. There is an empty frame and when the close button is pressed, the frame goes black. Then it justs sits there - all black. Only Ctrl-Alt-Del gets rid. I use RoboForm which I find really useful and which does not work on Opera or Chrome so I am loath to change and keep going back to FF in case it works. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Getting teed off. What can I do? This does not sound the same as other mails in this thread, but someone may know.

  desi3026 09:46 20 Apr 2010

Yes,my Firefox is playing up today as well.Cannot load any bookmarks.Notice says Firefox having difficulty loading programme.So I'm typing this using IE instead,where all seems ok.Will try again with FF later.

  desi3026 09:49 20 Apr 2010

Just tried FF again,and all bookmarks are back.Strange.

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