Firefox 3.5 Beta 4

  Pine Man 16:17 29 Apr 2009

If you use Firefox and suffer from blue margins on the PCA Forum site update to the new Firefox - it cures it. No add-ons are needed.

  sunnystaines 16:23 29 Apr 2009

have you had any problems with the beta4?

  birdface 16:30 29 Apr 2009

Supposed to be 15% quicker than the 3.0.9 version according to PCA home page .Do you think it is.

  Technotiger 17:05 29 Apr 2009

My latest update (today) is to 3.0.10 - still gives the blue borders in PCA.

  Pine Man 17:07 29 Apr 2009

No problems at all - so far;-)

15% faster is it? I can't say I have noticed but it certainly isn't any slower.

The main thing I noticed immediately was that I had an add-on called YesScript to cure the blue margins on the PCA site and it wouldn't work with the updated version but it didn't matter because the blue margins have gone now.

I also had an add-on called greasemonkey (I think it had something to do with the 'intelligent text' type adverts on sites like PCA) and that wouldn't work with the updated version but it doesn't matter because I don't get those problems either any more.

It just gets better!

  Pine Man 17:09 29 Apr 2009

Here is where it's at - click here

  rawprawn 17:17 29 Apr 2009

The problem for me is that it doesn't support some addons. Most importantly from my poiny of view RoboForm

  Pine Man 18:45 29 Apr 2009

I am very new to Firefox and have only updated a few times. It seems that each time there is an update a lot of the add-ons lag behind, which is a bit different from IE, which is developed as a package before release.

On this occasion the add-ons I was using are no longer necessary and Firefox is significantly faster than IE.

Before changing to Firefox I tried out Google Chrome, Safari and Opera and satisfied myself that, overall, Firefox was best.

  rawprawn 18:55 29 Apr 2009

I find no difference between IE7 and Firefox, I have very good download speeds (6.5MB Average) so I think that will make a big difference. Howevr I still prefer IE.
All a question of personal preference if there is no percieved difference.

  Technotiger 18:56 29 Apr 2009

but it didn't matter because the blue margins have gone now.

Thanks for the link - I am now using the Beta4 version, however, I am still getting the blue margins on this site. Also none of my fav add-ons are compatible!

I will try it for a while, but will probably revert to 3.0.10 later.

  Pine Man 19:00 29 Apr 2009

My comparisons were with IE8 that gave me blue margins on this site,took 5 seconds to open a new tab and twice as long as Firefox to open my home page.

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