SURVEY 13:08 18 Aug 2008

Having read many recommendations for Firefox on this forum, I have recently installed Firefox.

On several websites I have found that the pages are very slow to load and/or display properly compared with Internet Explorer. Is there a reason for this?

In several instances when I have several Firefox tabs open and click on the top righthand 'X' to close a tab a message pops up sayig that I have multiple tabs open and do i wish to close all tabs. If I click no ,nothing closes; if I click yes, all tabs close.

  kalignorgna 13:20 18 Aug 2008

firefox has a small x in each tab to make it easier to use. as for the speed firefox can be quite slow the first time u use it in the day (don't know why but it happens), also firefox seems to have problems with shockwave, and some javascrip aspects (such as drop down menus)

  DippyGirl 13:37 18 Aug 2008

If you need to visit a site that has been specifically coded for IE - so FF doesnt process it correctly - have a look at the IE Tab add-on click here
You can set options to always use the IE rendering engine for certain sites

  Sea Urchin 13:42 18 Aug 2008

If you click on the top righthand X you are asking it to close all tabs - hence the box to ask you to confirm. If you click YES they all close - if you click NO then it cancels the 'close' request and leaves you to close the individual tabs.

  SURVEY 13:46 18 Aug 2008

Thanks folks for your replies. In fact this forum page is probably the worst for Firefox slow opening and setting the display correctly!

  tullie 13:46 18 Aug 2008

Cant be clearer than asking you if you want to close all tabs,yes or no.As for how fast pages open,its well known that Firefox is quicker.I have no issues with Firefox.

  SURVEY 14:20 18 Aug 2008

tullie - my point was that when I said 'No' to closing all tabs, Firefox was not closing ANY tabs! I have also found that Firefox is not quicker than IE opening web pages. This is only my experience and indeed as I said the PC Forum page is particularly slo opening with Firefox.

  Sea Urchin 14:39 18 Aug 2008

I don't think my previous reply could have been much clearer - if you click NO to closing tabs then no tabs will close

  DieSse 14:44 18 Aug 2008

There's a setting in Tools - Options - Tabs to show or not the multiple tab warning.

  DieSse 14:45 18 Aug 2008

PS - are on version3 yet - you should be on 3.0.1

  Sheepish 18:51 18 Aug 2008

"tullie - my point was that when I said 'No' to closing all tabs, Firefox was not closing ANY tabs!"

To be clear, to close one tab you need to click on the white on red X on the tab itself, the black X in the top right corner is to close everything.

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