Firefox 3 download box

  Tim1964 00:34 17 Jul 2008

When I used FF2 to download a file the download box had an option to open the file or open the 'downloads' folder. I'm finding with FF3 the file downloads and virus checks (new) but then disappears from the box and I have to open the 'downloads' folder myself and open the file from there.

Is there a setting to keep the download in the box so I can open it?


  anniesboy 08:07 17 Jul 2008

Go to Tools > options > main > uncheck close when downloads have finished.

  anniesboy 08:24 17 Jul 2008

Sorry I misread your query I think the answer is no,you can only go a link from the download box.
You could download to a separate folder and access from there.

  Stuartli 09:47 17 Jul 2008

Using Ctrl + J will open the Downloads box. It should retain all your downloads unless you have chosen to Delete any which have been downloaded previously.

  guesswho2 20:18 17 Jul 2008

Hi Stuartli.
How on earth did you know that!
As always I am gobsmacked at your depth of knowledge! Over the past year or two I have picked up many useful things from you. Many thanks.

  Tim1964 22:28 17 Jul 2008

The download box stays on the screen when the download finishes but the file names disappears?

With FF2 the list of files would stay in the box with an option to open it.

When pressing Ctrl + J the box does pop p but the options in it are "clear list" and "search"


  Stuartli 00:51 18 Jul 2008

You are correct about FF2 and the install or delete options.

I've always had a downloads folder to which anything downloaded is directed/targeted.

I can then install and delete any downloads as required, or keep them in the folder as a backup.

The Ctrl + J tip is hardly rocket science. It's listed in Firefox's Tools - but those of us who are long term users of the keyboard short cuts still maintain this route if required in the event of losing the use of the mouse...:-)

  Stuartli 01:09 18 Jul 2008

You should still get the option to install any program, application or utility you download from FF's download panel.

  brundle 03:27 18 Jul 2008

Firefox - Tools/Options/Privacy, tick "Remember what I've downloaded"

  gel 07:23 18 Jul 2008

Hi I would like to add my appreciation to guesswho2 regarding Stuarli contributions to this forum.
I too have been greatly helped Thank you

  Tim1964 21:36 18 Jul 2008

Thanks, brundle, all done.

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