Firefox 3 and CoolIris

  jack 08:14 13 May 2010

On my machine at any rate, ever sice FireFox moved from V2 to V3 'CoolIris' cuased it to crash.
Not withstanding queries to here and the Mozilla forums- the situation has not been resolved.
So I no longer attempt CooIris.

This morning on BBCNews an item was evidently sourced from CoolIris.
Not knowing this of course at the time I clicked on it and-yup youre getting this artn't you - FireFox crashed.
Has any of you had this problem?
Found a reason why?
A Fix perhaps maybe?

  muddypaws 08:17 13 May 2010

I am still unable to view any video/music files on CI.
This started a month or so back. Tried several suggestions with no luck.
No prob with FF ceashing though

  muddypaws 08:18 13 May 2010


  muddypaws 08:19 13 May 2010

Previous thred here. click here

  jack 08:32 13 May 2010

As soon I as I posted this - I sent a report to Mozilla crash notification.
Then I Googled' CoolIris for FireFox 3
which gave me a page of suggestions including

click here
Download, installed restarted FireFox
Its all hunkydory now
Just goes to show the wonders of Google and the need to keep up to speed with the little things that niggle rather than ignoring them.

  jack 09:01 13 May 2010

It seems to be different from before.
For example there is -so far - no taskbar button .
Looks as if it is a website pure and simple and needs to be loaded to Bookmarks- no prob there.
Loading and running appears to be stoppy/startee- may be my lack of RAM [1Gb]as much as anything else - maybe.

  muddypaws 10:03 13 May 2010

Done an uninstall and reinstall as per your link, but still no videos. I get the sound but picture is all horizontal squiggles. ( forget the techy term!)
Just open CI and drag the http to desktop for shortcut.

  CoolirisTeam 00:05 18 May 2010

@muddypaws - what version of Flash do you have? Also, which operating system are you running? Lastly, which Cooliris version number are you using?

@jack - the same questions for you.

Additionally, if you would like personalized, individual customer support, please fee free to email [email protected].

The Cooliris Team

  six-h 00:19 18 May 2010


  muddypaws 16:08 18 May 2010


Flash Activex:
Win XP Home
Firefox 3.6.3
Cooliris version: ?? As far as I know it is the latest as I removed and re-installed it.
Can't find the version number.

  muddypaws 16:20 18 May 2010

The .dll is showing as

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