Firefox 3

  mesmd 12:08 07 Jul 2008

I use FF 2.015 and want to download and install the new FF 3.0. Can I install FF 3 over my current version?

Can I install FF 3.0 and be able to have both versions of FF 2 and 3 run independently on my same HD?

There is a portable version of FF 3 for a USB Flash drive that can be installed on it and executed. Will it corrupt my FF 2 on my C: drive, should I decide to run FF 3 from the Flash drive?

Thanks again for any answers or thoughts.



  sunny staines 12:38 07 Jul 2008

version 3.01 is now out, it should load over the top.

  mesmd 10:28 08 Jul 2008


Does 3.01 when installed keep my same profile as FF 2.015? When I call up the FF icon from my desktop, will I get the 3.01 FF? I use Roboform and hope it will automatically be included with FF 3.1 after the installation completes? I know I might not be able to use some of FF 2.015 extensions and add ons, but 3.01 has better ones?

Thanks again.

I really appreciate your help and support, Sunny.


  Stuartli 10:31 08 Jul 2008

I uninstalled FF before installing FF 3.0.

Your profile will not be affected as it is maintained separately.

Add-ons are retained (they might be stated not to be compatible, yet TinyURL still works fine for me) or will be updated automatically if you have FF configured to do so.

  mesmd 11:42 08 Jul 2008


Does that mean, I can download FF 3.01 and simply install it without doing any thing to my FF current installation?

Then, when I click the FF icon from my desktop, it will load FF 3.01 and use my old profile from FF

That is what I would like to happen, but was told that it might mess up the current profile?

I would like to just upgrade to FF 3.01 and keep all the other things in my current profile the same.

Or, I would not mind running both FF 2.0 and 3.0 as individual Browsers on my same HD.

I'd rather just do the former and have 3.01 only by just installing it over the top of FF

Thank you for your confirmation and support, as always.


  mfletch 14:11 08 Jul 2008

I just installed Firefox 3 on the top of 2 with no problems,

I also use RoboForm and it all is OK

  Stuartli 14:15 08 Jul 2008

If you read what I posted again, you'll notice I stated that I uninstalled FF2 first - the profile is retained (I keep FF backups via MozBackup and Finetune Firefox).

You can always revert to Firefox 2 if you wish via:

click here

  cocteau48 14:40 08 Jul 2008

Personally I would stay away from Firefox 3.0.1 until it is officially released.
It is now quite a few days since it appeared to be available on one or two download sites and yet there is still no official release from Mozilla.
I did try 3.0.1 from sunny staines original link and immediately found a problem with one of my add-ons. When I drew the developers attention to this their response was that they would try to rectify it before Firefox 3.0.1 was "finally shipped"..... and that was only yesterday.

  Stuartli 21:08 08 Jul 2008

The reasons for the planned update to 3.0.1 can be found at:

[email protected]/msg11373.html" title="[email protected]/msg11373.html" TARGET="_new">click here

  mesmd 23:45 08 Jul 2008

Thanks to all you guys who have posted in this thread. I really appreciate it.

I guess my only last (novice question) is:

Do I have to uninstall FF- prior to installing FF 3? Can I just install it with FF-2 still being installed. I know uninstalling FF-2 will not remove the profile, however, I rather leave FF 2 installed when I install FF 3!! Then when I call up FF from the desktop, will the new FF 3 come up as I wish?

Thanks so much to everyone for all your support and help.


  Stuartli 10:25 09 Jul 2008

This time read my posting of 14:15 of yesterday.....

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