Firefox 2 + links in emails

  PurplePenny 13:37 26 Oct 2006

I've just clicked a hypertext link in an e-mail and it didn't automatically open in Firefox 2 (as it did in previous versions).

I can't find a setting for this anywhere.

  PurplePenny 13:44 26 Oct 2006

Still no joy.

Is anyone else having ths problem?

  PurplePenny 14:52 26 Oct 2006

What? And admit defeat! Never....

I would see whether anyone has mentioned it on the Firefox forums but every time I try to go there I get "Server at..... is taking too long to respond" so they are obviously very busy at the moment.

  Belatucadrus 18:08 26 Oct 2006


  PurplePenny 19:52 26 Oct 2006

What did I do to cure it?

I have absolutely no idea. Rebooted a couple of times; but aside from that I didn't do a thing.

Went off for tea, came back just now and without thinking clicked on a link in an e-mail... and it opened :-) Tried it again with a different link from another e-mail... worked again.

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