picklesy 07:11 31 Jul 2004

i have just installed this prog.could someone please tell me how to transfer my favourites list from aol to this prog.also how do i set it up to start from my desktop,currently i have to open aol and then launch firefox.this is all new to me as i have alway,s used aol never knew you could change things.when i try to start from desktop i get message saying firefox cannot be found.thanks.

  Valvegrid 07:43 31 Jul 2004

I haven't used AOL for years when it was something like AOL5, so forgive me if this is a load of baloney.

If you can export your favorites from AOL and save them, they may save as HTML, if that's the case you will be able to import them into Firefox.

When you say open it from the desktop I take it you mean double clicking on the desktop icon. If so try right mouse clicking on the icon and checking in properties that the icon path is correctly pointing to the EXE file to open Firefox.

You never used to be able to use anything else apart from AOL at one time, but things are a changing and reading some of the other posts you can use IE, but I don't know about other browsers.

  picklesy 07:50 31 Jul 2004

yes i do mean double click don,t have a clue how to create html file.thank you for your response.

  Valvegrid 08:01 31 Jul 2004

You don't have to create an HTML file yourself, you should find AOL will do that for you. If you go to the favourite manager in AOL and there should be something in there that say's either save or export favourites, try that then you should get a option to save the favourites like any other file.

When you look at the file it should have the name of the file you saved it as plus html at the end in this format: somethinglike.html

  picklesy 08:31 31 Jul 2004

tried saving the internet explorer then import in firefox but nothing happens.sorry i know it,s something i,m not doing right i really don,t have much of a clue what i,m doing,thank you for trying to help me with this.

  Valvegrid 08:47 31 Jul 2004

You should be able to save the AOL fav's straight to a file. I've got to go shopping now, but if no ones answered you on this by the time I get back I'll try and talk you through it, it should be pretty easy. Maybe someone with AOL will pick up on this and check how you save your fav's.

Speak to you later.

  picklesy 09:01 31 Jul 2004

thanks for the help will try to see if i can get it.happy shopping.

  picklesy 09:52 31 Jul 2004

managed to get aol through firefox still have to double click aol desktop when i try to connect through firefox icon i get error 678.any help please.

  TommyRed 10:09 31 Jul 2004


  SEASHANTY 10:32 31 Jul 2004

If you are using Windows XP click on "START" then
click on "SET PROGRAM ACCESS AND DEFAULTS". From the window that appears select "CUSTOM" by putting the dot in it then click on the downward arrows to the right of this. This wkill bring up another window allowing you to set various options. I don't use AOL but from what I've heard it causes a lot of probs with trying to use other browsers - or it did a while ago.

  SEASHANTY 10:37 31 Jul 2004

Both Mozilla and the Mozilla Firefox browsers refer to the "Favourites" as "Bookmarks". When you installed Firefox originally it gives you the option
to import Bookmarks and any other stuff you want to import from I.E. such as Favourites into the Firefox browser. You must have missed this when installing.
I know it is still easy to import Favs from I.E. but
have no info as to AOL.

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