Firefox 1.0.7 ?

  bretsky 22:52 05 Oct 2005

Hi folks, I'm using Firefox 1.0.7, can anybody explain why my Z/A firewall is opening up every 20 seconds or so and yet when I use IE the firewall remains closed.

When using F/F, I have just one tab open and have got no script enabled, have tried allowing various ad scripts but makes no difference.

The only other program to open up the firewall is mailwasher when it makes its checks every 5 Min's for email.

Am I compromising my PC in any way? the only way I can stop this is to click the padlock in Z/A.

I have checked with PCcillin/Trend Micro for hack attacks and it gave it the all clear "your PC is secure" message.

No message has appeared from Z/A asking permission for any programs to access or block the internet, Firefox has permission allowed in Z/A obviously.

bretsky ;0)

  kimjhon 01:54 06 Oct 2005

F/fox now comes with something they call Live bookmarks.
Under Bookmarks | Bookmarks Toolbar Folder |Latest headlines you will see links to latest updated news headlines.

When you write ZA 'opening' do you mean it is showing some data downloading?
F/fox could be updating these headlines.

Dont know if IE has this feature. (Too scared to open it these days.) Maybe this is making the diff in behaviour of ZA?

  bretsky 11:57 06 Oct 2005

Hi, when I say opening, I mean changing from the Z/A logo to the traffic bars. when you hover the mouse over the icon in the system tray, it just says traffic, greens bars or red bars, but indicating no traffic movement, its like a nervous twitch. Have tried unchecking the live bookmarks toolbar but makes no difference.

I am using IE at the moment and Z/A hasn't blinked at all in the last 4 Min's.

I'm just paranoid about script kiddies up to no good, and having just been spammed with loads of crap email.

bretsky ;0)

  Stuartli 13:05 06 Oct 2005

You've just summed it up - perfectly...:-)

The only thing my mouse brings up when hovering over the ZA icon is ZoneAlarm unless I'm uploading or downloading; any minor traffic indications (and they are also shown as 2 or 3 kbps movements in the modem's operational panel) are normally port checks by your current links.

  bretsky 13:08 06 Oct 2005

So I have nothing to worry about then in this behaviour with Firefox?

bretsky ;0)

  keith-236785 14:08 06 Oct 2005

all the time you are connected to the internet your pc is pinging & being pinged by other computers (mostly your own ISP checking if you are still there) they are of no concern to anyone and are perfectly normal.

have you chosen the highest level of protection on ZA, if so that could be why you see so many, ZA is doing its stuff in the background, the icon is just to show you there is movement and to provide an easy access to the program (double click to open za)

not sure why you see more with Firefox than IE but it could be as dcdc says and some feature of F/F that is constantly checking for new headers or a news ticker that is set to check for news every 20 seconds.

have a trawl through the F/F settings and see if you can find anything there.

  bretsky 14:31 06 Oct 2005

Well I have disabled every toolbar back to the bear minimum in F/F and still something is setting it off, I think it could be the "NoScript" app disallowing various sites from running scripts.

All I know is that when using IE, the Z/A icon is solid and as soon as I switch to FireFox the twitching starts.

bretsky ;0)

  Stuartli 14:43 06 Oct 2005

I use Firefox and ZA and, like paperman27, not at all bothered by the occasional small activation of ZA - it also happened with IE.

It proves that ZA is doing its job, along with SpywareBlaster, Ad-Aware, Search and Destroy and Avast!

In fact I did a full scan with Ad-Aware about two hours ago whilst I had my dinner and it came up with zero threats.

My broadband system is connected to the Internet permanently for about 15 hours a day...:-)

  bretsky 15:02 06 Oct 2005

and all the rest of the gang, thanx for your help and advise you have answered my question about F/Fs security and that Z/A is just doing it's job. I do like using the F/F browser, it has some great features on it that IE hasn't.

BTW what font settings do I change to change the toolbars eg, File,edit,view,go,bookmarks etc etc....can this be done? I know you can change web page fonts, I have Book antique in WE & IE.

bretsky ;0)

  Stuartli 16:16 06 Oct 2005

To change the Toolbars right click on empty area of the Toolbar and click Customise.

  bretsky 16:31 06 Oct 2005

need to change the actual style & size of the fonts, no facility exists in Toolbars right click on empty area of the Toolbar and click Customise. All it says is :Show and then in a box next to that, you can select icons only, text only or both and use small icons check box and then in separate box, Add new toolbar and restore default set........and Done.

bretsky ;0)

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