Firefox 1.06 Won't Display Images - What do I do?

  griffon 56 14:44 11 Aug 2005

Ever since I've been using Firefox it hasn't displayed images on web pages, and the upgrade to version 1.06 hasn't changed things. I download plug-ins when prompted, e.g. Java Run-time Environment but nothing happens. I've trawled through all the Firefox settings but can see nothing adverse or which could solve the problem. Any advice?

  LastChip 15:14 11 Aug 2005

Have you checked;

Tools; Options; Web Features; and made sure that "Load Images" is ticked? Also check there are no "Exceptions" listed.

  griffon 56 16:33 11 Aug 2005

Thanks LastChip, I've checked, it is, but there was a sub-box 'for originating website only' which I've unticked. Also unticked is the instruction 'Allow websites to install software'. Could this have anything to do with it?

  LastChip 17:34 11 Aug 2005

That shouldn't make any difference.

Certainly, in order to receive images, 'for originating website only' needs to be NOT ticked, as many sites load images from sources other than the originating server.

Please remember, in the main, although your computer does not need to be rebooted after each change, Firefox needs to be closed down and reopened for most changes to take place.

It's strange you have this problem, as I've been using Firefox since before version 1.0, with no problems.

Do you have any anti-spy ware software that could be interfering with Firefox's operation I wonder? Or maybe a Firewall that is over zealous in operation? Norton (Symantec) is a favourite to play tricks and has been known to interfere with all sorts of issues.

  griffon 56 18:03 12 Aug 2005

Thanks for your very thorough advice Lastchip. I unticked 'for originating website only' and the problem went away. It hadn't dawned on me until you pointed the way that a lot of websites include images which come from somewhere else. I don't know about you but I am completely mystified at why software writers make it so difficult to do obvious things like allowing images. There's always some devious path to follow and some non-selfexplanatory expression to tick or untick deep in the bowels of some obscure menu. It took me ages to find where to print envelopes in MS Word. It's the first thing you look for after writing a letter but it's more than half way down the Tools menu. I give up.

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