Firefox 10 is vey slow to open.

  nerawan 20:37 14 Mar 2012

Hi peolple. A month ago I upgraded to Mozilla Firefox 10 and since them when I try to open it for the first time , it takes like a minute .After that usually open normally. I have internet explorer and I don't have that problem.

  birdface 20:53 14 Mar 2012

Update it to version 11 through your normal update.

  nerawan 17:58 19 Mar 2012

I upgraded it to 11 but the problem still continues. The thing is it takes too long to open for the first time. after that it opens normally.

  birdface 02:54 20 Mar 2012

Maybe delete Firefox then reinstall it to see if that helps.Open Taskmanager then see what is using up most of the CPU when Starting Firefox.Probably your security programs but which ones.

Maybe try Adblock Plus to see if that helps.Or disable all of your add ons to see if it works Ok with them disabled.If so enable them one at a time till you find the one causing the problems.

  birdface 03:28 20 Mar 2012

Maybe something on here that can help.

  finerty 11:51 20 Mar 2012
  1. go to youtube

  2. type in how to speed up firefox in the search

  3. when asked to input about:config in the address bar do so and follow the instructions from youtube

  4. enjoy

  finerty 11:52 20 Mar 2012

the slowness can happen also when you just switched in the router, u have to wait a minute or two

  nerawan 13:13 20 Mar 2012

Hi. thanks for the answers. I use 3 mobile broadband (always in the same place- I can't get regular broadband for some reasons). The service is not quite good, I made a speed test and I got 0,05 mb of download spedd. Then in youtube I found a video "how to speed your internet". It recommends going to OPEN DNS and change the DNS adress (control panel) to and it helps. Pages download faster includind Firefox and the new speed test shows now it gets 2.22 mb. Tha's an improving.

  finerty 21:18 20 Mar 2012

3 mobile yes the slower i use to b with them but left them several years back for virgin.

The trouble with 3 is that you get limited download and usage and if you go over then u got xtra charges.

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