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firefix update not installing

  conrail 16:25 15 Nov 2016

using windows 10 with firefox version 48.0, for the last couple of weeks I get the message "the update could not be applied, (patch apply failed), this pops up when I open firefox, it gives me a link to manually download the patch but this also fails, please help either download the patch or stop the message appearing, firefox does open normally without any problems in a separate tab; href here all help and advice appreciated

  conrail 16:27 15 Nov 2016

sorry title should read firefox update not installing, not firefix, maybe Santa will give me a keyboard that can spell

  Govan1x 18:27 15 Nov 2016

Version 50 just installed ok for me.

  Govan1x 18:29 15 Nov 2016

I take it you have clicked on help. About Firefox.

  Govan1x 18:34 15 Nov 2016

Your click here gives me. 404 Not found. maybe time to give Malwarebytes a run to see if it finds any problems. Or try help.Troubleshooting information. Then click on Refresh Firefox.

Once that is done try the update again.

  conrail 16:41 16 Nov 2016

thanks for suggestions govan1x, have run malwarebytes, trying again to manually update, update has downloaded just waiting for it to install, currently into the 6th minute of 'applying update', hope this link to original image works, copied from postimage and selected forum option which aparently didn't work, click here get back when update finally applied


  Graham* 16:57 16 Nov 2016

Version 50 here as well.

  conrail 17:17 16 Nov 2016

been trying to install the updates for 35 minutes now, have closed firefox and restarted, still on ver 48, clicking 'about' starts the search for updates, again downloads but for some reason there is a problem installing them

  conrail 17:31 16 Nov 2016

thanks for your help guys, I appreciate it, finally updated, tried about firefox submit feedback where I submitted my query posted here, received a message regarding updating using another browser, tried edge and downloaded latest version so now on version 50 and hopefully no more error messages, once again many thanks

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