Fire Wire or USB2.0?

  mikey b 09:54 21 May 2004

I am going to buy an iPod and need to install either Fire Wire or USB2.0
Which would you recommend in terms of ease of installation and speed?
I run XP home

  Charence 10:18 21 May 2004

If you're going to have to install a PCI card anyway, then FIREWIRE IEEE 1394 definately!!! The transfer rate of firwire is much quicker than USB2.0 and the power output which firewire gives to the connected unit can recharge the iPod much better than a USB2.0 port can.


  bvw in bristol 10:42 21 May 2004

Why not get both ? You can get a combined USB2 and Firewire PCI card.

  Bowsprit 10:45 21 May 2004

Saw this------FireWire offers a significant advantage over USB 2.0, besting it by nearly 48 percent in write speeds and over 70 percent in read speeds. (Yet another (indirect) reason Apple iPod owners are so happy.

  Charence 20:48 22 May 2004

I was looking at external HDDs and found a shocking fact click here USB 2.0 is 80MBPS faster than IEEE 1394!!!

  Mister Splendid 21:08 22 May 2004

The trouble with USB, 1.1 and 2.0 is that it never actually gets anywhere near the maximum transfer rate. In practice the "slower" firewire is faster.

  €dstowe 06:40 23 May 2004

For all practical purposes, in audio especially, there is no perceptible difference. Both systems are plenty fast enough for what you want to do. Both systems are plug-n-play and are hot-wirable.

It used to be that Firewire was notably more expensive than USB2 so it may come down to economics.

  mikey b 08:47 24 May 2004

Thanks all - have decided to get both.

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