fire wire?????????????

  raggy 2 23:17 02 Nov 2004

Can someone please explain what firewire is, as I have a camcorder that i need to connect to PC and went to pc world for a lead and the guy said that he could sell me leads if i had fire wire///
i kow its a dumb question but hey im human(i think)

  sean-278262 23:24 02 Nov 2004

if your camera is a firewire type camera you will need a port on the system to connect it to download your movies. Firewire is apples take on USB 2.0 but came before it.

Its similar and uses a port that has a triangular notch in one end, simply look in the cameras manual for what you need or post the camera model here.

  raggy 2 23:32 02 Nov 2004

the model is a PANASONIC NV-DS60
thanks for this

  sean-278262 00:01 03 Nov 2004

according to what I can find on the camera it is

* S-Video Output

* AV Output

* DV input.Output(i-link)

and on one site it mentions its USB compatable. S video is found on graphics cards and is circular.

AV is for putting thru your tv

DV i have no idea about as Im not into camcorders.

if you take it in with you and get an S video wire you should be able to transfer if you have an s video compatable graphics.but wait for someone elses advice in the matter.

The USB information suggests that it can be transfered the standard way by a usb cable no mention of firewire but suspect DV input is firewire.

But I'm willing to be corrected as this isnt my field.

  Cook2 00:25 03 Nov 2004

If you haven't a firewire card then click here , you could pay more if you wanted.

If you have DV in and out you will be able to download your recording, make any changes you want and then download back to the camera.

Check the cables which came with the camera, you will probably have one already. One end small rectangular (to camera) and the other larger rectangular (to the Firewire card).

  john-232317 07:32 03 Nov 2004

DV I-LINK is fire wire.
The fire wire card will come with a lead. I have used USB and fire wire and cant see any difference in quality although fire wire is supposed to be faster, but I think that is manufacturers bull, I am sure the speed relies on the camera playing the film in the capture ???

  accord 08:17 03 Nov 2004

USB will give you an analogue transfer and Firewire will give you a pure digital transfer. I installed a firewire card for about £20 from PCWorld, came with the lead and drivers.

  MichelleC 11:54 03 Nov 2004

Just a tip - if you put main dv editor prog on one partition and capture to another (plus turn off all background progs) your quality will be better.

  cherria 12:46 03 Nov 2004

Just wanted to fix some misunderstandings in the above posts.

Firewire=i-link=IEEE1394. Windows calls it Firewire, Apple call it i-link, IEEE 1394 is th etechnical name for both.

Speeds are comparable between USB 2.0 and Firewire at around 400Mbps

Both USB and Firewire will provide digital capture while s-video will provide analog capture

The issue is not one of speed of capture between USB and Firewire, it is quality. The speed, as rightly stated will be determined by the tape playback speed. What you get on a slow connection is data loss leading to a lower quality captured video.

Many DV camcorders, while stating they are USB compatible, use the USB port to transfer still pictures and the Firewire port to transfer video.

  john-232317 15:28 03 Nov 2004

Thanks for that, I was a bit ??? about the alleged speed difference etc.

  accord 18:09 03 Nov 2004

I read that USB is analogue and Firewire is digital in Digital Camcorder Made Easy magazine. Are you know saying that they are infact incorrect and if so someone should let them know of a fundemental mistake in their publication.

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