Fire Fox Problem

  chaztait 17:26 10 Jan 2005

Hi i dont know what it is thats wrong but i have been using firefox for a while now and now when i go to some websites some of the pictures dont come up but do with internet explorer. Does anyone know how to fix this?



  octal 17:34 10 Jan 2005

Have you looked in Edit Preferences and Web features and make sure the load images box is ticked.

  chaztait 17:37 10 Jan 2005

were is that?

  octal 17:49 10 Jan 2005

On the top Tool bar you'll see on the left hand side File then the next one Edit, click on it and in the dropdown menu you'll see Preferences at the bottom, click on it and in the window that opens on the left you'll see web features, click on it and you will see various boxes, one of them says Load Images, make sure the box is ticked.

if you're still not sure I'll try and take some pictures of mine for you.

  octal 17:54 10 Jan 2005

This may help:


click here

Web features:

click here

  ashdav 18:07 10 Jan 2005

Preferences does'nt appear in mine. The last item is find again.

  octal 18:11 10 Jan 2005

Ah, there may be a difference between mine and chaztait's because mines a Linux version, ashdav were is yours, in Tools?

Sorry about the confusion.

  chaztait 18:16 10 Jan 2005

thats it fixed thanxs octal

I dont have the prefrances bit on my edit bar but the webfeatures worked. The box you have unticked was ticked on mine.



  octal 18:38 10 Jan 2005

Well done, sorry about the confusion, and thanks to ashdav for pointing it out.

  ashdav 18:47 10 Jan 2005

found it. under tools - options - web features.

  octal 18:50 10 Jan 2005

Better late than never :-) thanks.

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