FineReader 5.0 Pro - Installation

  RogB 11:50 01 Nov 2003

I've recently responded to a Serif mailshot and bought Abbyy FineReader 5.0 Pro but I can't get it loaded.
I use Win XP Home and have an Athlon XP processor with 512MB RAM. I've been assured by Serif that FineReader should work with XP and they've sent me a second disk - no different.
When I get the opening autostart screen, clicking on FineReader just makes the CD-ROM spin for 3 or 4 mins followed by an "install.exe" error message. I can read the Guide (PDF) and Readme files OK but they don't help. I've tried loading in Safe mode, from Control Panel - Add Progs, and by running "Setup.exe" and "install.exe" direct from the CD-ROM. No joy.
Can anyone help?
Rgds - Roger B

  ribo 11:59 01 Nov 2003

I do not think this will help. (so why am I telling you this?)I installed Abbyy Finereader pro 6 yesterday and it is working well. I have XP Home.Do not know about pro 5 j

  RogB 12:03 01 Nov 2003

Thanks anyway Ribo!
Rgds - Roger B

  flecc 12:26 01 Nov 2003

Only suggestion that I can make is to open the CD, (load it while holding down Shift to preventy it auto running, then right click and choose Open in My Computer), then drag copies of the content to a folder on your hard drive.

Remove the CD and right click the EXE in Finereader on the hard drive, choosing Properties, and remove any Read Only attribute, applying the change.

Then run the installation from that hard drive folder.

  flecc 12:29 01 Nov 2003

If that doesn't work, I have a trial EXE of Finereader Pro 6 which you can try. Only problem is that it's 32 mb and would need working postmen on route to get a CD-R to you. I'm willing to post it though in the hope that it might get through, so mail me if you wish, using the envelope icon by my name.

  RogB 14:32 01 Nov 2003

Many thanks for your suggestions. I've tried the hard disk copy but no luck - I still get the same "install.exe" error message. "Setup.exe" produces the red intro screen but nothing works from that screen. I get the distinct impression that Pro 5.0 is not XP Home compatible. Is your Pro 6 copy a full and permanent working program, which operates on XP Home? I don't use an OCR often enough to spend much money on it. The one I use came with my Epson scanner and is ultra basic!

  flecc 19:43 01 Nov 2003

It's the full program but is limited to 15 uses or 15 hours total, as it's a trial program.

It's one of the best there is, in my view better than the rated top one, and at under ?60 is a fraction of the near 40 pounds of the top rated one.

  STEVE71163 19:46 01 Nov 2003

RogB. I ordered the same offer as you and got it a few days ago and it works fine and i have windows xp home.

  flecc 19:53 01 Nov 2003

That should read "near 400 pounds" of the top rated one.

Just seen STEVE71163's response, it would seem your XP is at fault with some corruption in it's installation routines with this happening on two CDs. It's unlikely that version 6 would work either, though you're welcome to try if you wish.

  RogB 11:02 02 Nov 2003

Do you have Norton Internet Security or Antivirus installed? I'm trying to identify the conflict that's preventing me from loading FineReader. I'm also beta testing the AOL Thailand (AOL 9.0) program - wonder if that's causing the prob? I'll post something on the AOL beta test message board.

  STEVE71163 12:41 02 Nov 2003

Yes i have Norton antivirus 2003 installed and i also use AOL broadband but don't do any more beta testing for AOL as i have had to do a full format last time because of all sorts of problems.


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