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FinePrint sizing?

  Diemmess 17:49 20 Sep 2010

I must have a screw loose.
Bought this app, used it once, now want to use it to print 4 jpg files on one A4
Five sheets to the album.

How do I size/shuffle the prints to a fit?
At present all I can manage is the centre part of each filling the available space!

  Diemmess 21:32 20 Sep 2010

Thanks, I've long been able to size and position a picture with Corel Photopaint. That method is accurate, versatile, and very slow.

In this case I wanted to make the best of a sheet of paper with four pictures on each sheet.

FinePrint will do all sorts, but time was pressing and I used Picasa.

I have still to learn how to prepare a multipaged document from a variety of types - text, pictorial, and vectored.
I did it once and must try harder now!

  Simsy 23:35 20 Sep 2010

You don't /can't use Fineprint to adjust the content of the pages you want to print...

but you can use it to rescale the pages to print 4 pages on one sheet.

With apologies if that doesn't help!



  Diemmess 09:08 21 Sep 2010

Thanks a lot for the method (with FinePrint).
As I said I knew it could be done but couldn't remember or find the method when most needed!

The prints had to be done yesterday so against the clock I fumbled my way through Picasa, but FP is capable of more than that which is why I posted this thread.

I will leave this unticked until I have proved I can do it. Today has so many other things I have to do first.

Again, thanks for the help.

  Diemmess 11:52 26 Sep 2010

Have found time to try it this am. It didn't help to have broadband collapse in this village for 6 days last week (meddling/upgrading) our mini exchange

The method was a snip when I ceased fretting. in fact blindingly obvious.
Many thanks, your last post made things easy.


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