Finepix a204 Driver

  sheps 18:18 20 Jul 2004

Can anyone give me some advice, i've just downloaded the driver for the above, and saved it in my documents, what is the next step please!!!, only i'm having trouble getting my pictures off my digital camera onto my finepix viewer. I've installed the camera software, but the usb seems to be the problem. Thank you

  accord 18:27 20 Jul 2004

double click on the file you have downloaded and it should open from there.

Have you checked that your usb is working ok?

  sicknote 18:29 20 Jul 2004

Looks like You might need the USB drivers click here

  sheps 18:34 20 Jul 2004

Thank you Accord and Sicknote, I have downloaded the usb driver, and i'm not sure what to do next. I have saved it in My Documents, I now need to know what i've to do next. Thanks

  sicknote 18:44 20 Jul 2004

Make sure USB cable is not connected, open downloaded file and install and follow instruction it may ask you to connect USB cable, if not once install has finished, connect USB cable, (you may need to restart pc after software install)

  accord 18:50 20 Jul 2004

alternatively, purchase a card reader and you wont have to worry about connecting your camera to pc. you simply insert the memory card into the reader. i find this alot easier plus you dont waste battery whilst downloading pictures.

  sheps 18:59 20 Jul 2004

Sicknote, you say disconnect usb cable, do you mean from camera or back of system? Thanks also to Accord.

  accord 19:01 20 Jul 2004

disconnect the usb cable from the pc.

  sicknote 19:04 20 Jul 2004

I mean't from PC !!

  sheps 19:04 20 Jul 2004

Sicknote, You will have to excuse me, this is all new to me, do i just double click on the usb driver download and will it automatically install or do i have do something else? Thanks for your help

  sicknote 19:06 20 Jul 2004

You beat me with your new question,Yes open file and it should start to install and just follow instructions if any

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