Finding Windows 8 product key from BIOS?! HELP!!!

  OliFrost 15:49 11 Sep 2015

Hey folks, hoping you can help me.

Basically, the hard drive died pretty spectacularly on our Acer Aspire E1-572 laptop. I've just got a new hard drive, and I know that I can download a copy of windows from the Microsoft website onto a flash drive, and hopefully it should all work..... hopefully!

The problem is, I don't know the product key for the copy of windows that came pre-installed (not sure why they stopped putting it on the sticker), but I need it to be able to download windows from the ms website.

I've read that you can find the product key in the BIOS, but I've looked and I can't see it, so I was hoping that someone out there may be able to shed some light on it for me.

Thanks for any assistance you can offer! :D

  OliFrost 16:12 11 Sep 2015

Hi, thanks for your answer. I contacted Acer before, but they said I would have to buy recovery disks..... The problem is that until I install windows again there's nothing to recover! Bit of a chicken and egg job..... I might try Acer and Microsoft again though to ask specifically about this product key issue.

As the product key is linked to the motherboard, you'd think there must be a way to trace it by the serial number?

  OliFrost 16:41 11 Sep 2015

Thanks for the link, but none of it seems to be any use unless the computer is 'working'.

  Govan1x 17:06 11 Sep 2015

Not sure if you can put the old one in a usb caddy they cost about £4 and get the kecode that way or copy one drive to another don't know if you can do that or not. just wondered if you could coppy the factory settings of the old one to a flash drive or not.

I take it that you never made any back up discs for it.

  Govan1x 17:08 11 Sep 2015

Should have added Acer charges you £50 for a back up disc.

  OliFrost 20:48 11 Sep 2015

I had no idea I needed to make a backup, clearly I must have been in a hurry setting it up! I think it's disgraceful that I know have to shell out £51 + VAT, when I technically OWN a licensed copy of windows, just because Acer are trying to save a couple of quid by not putting a disk in the box!

I have tried a caddy before, but just to elaborate a bit further, the original HDD has suffered a major mechanical failure and is no use at all.

Thanks again

  rdave13 23:20 11 Sep 2015

OliFrost , to be fair, it's been a practice of burning your own factory reset disks, or USB nowadays, for a long time.

Think on the positive side, you'll have a new hard drive, a clean install of your OS complete with the necessary drivers ( and a bit of crud) and will be as new. If Windows 7 SP1 and above a free upgrade to Windows 10.

£51+VAT doesn't sound so bad then.

Once up and running I would take note of whatever 'manager' Acer has to make backups and use the information to your advantage.

I would also ask on here what freebies are best to create images of your system and how to do it, as another form of backup.

  robin_x 00:07 12 Sep 2015

If your computer was definitely pre-installed with W8 (not W8.1)

The Recovery Discs should reinstall Windows and all the bloatware for your model.

Acer will be able to confirm.

They might even Activate automatically.

Even if they don't, you can Activate online or by phone with Microsoft

Press Win+R and type slui 4

The Installation ID is used to get you activated


For computers pre-installed with W8.1, download the Media Creation Tool and make a USB Flash or DVD from the Iso file (license key not needed for download with W8.1)

It's a shocking, arbitrary state of affairs from MS.

Howtogeek article and links

  rdave13 01:03 12 Sep 2015

robin_x " It's a shocking, arbitrary state of affairs from MS. "

I don't understand your logic in this.

Acer buy in bulk the Microsoft OS in an OEM version. Deal is done. Acer sell the PCs/Laptops with the ability to create backups/ reset disks.

PC/Laptop works well but hard drive dies and the owner neglects the Acer instructions. Dead computer with no logical way to re-install and verify.

The deal was done between Acer and Microsoft originally and that worked well when the laptop was bought. Microsoft honoured its contract and the deal was done. Exit Microsoft.

Now it is between the OP and Acer. Nothing to do with Microsoft as they have already made the deal with Acer and granted the licence to Acer who produce the PC/Laptop to their customers.

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