Finding a printer on an Intranet

  [DELETED] 14:18 17 Mar 2006

The school in which I work uses mostly Macs but I am trying to introduce some PCs. On the school network we have some HP 3700n printers attached directly to the network, not to any PCs or Macs. Using a Mac I find it easy to link to any of these printers but I am lost when trying to do this from a PC using Windows XP. A wizard pops up and tells me to connect to a local printer, even though the printer is not local. I obey but get lost. Any help?

  [DELETED] 15:33 17 Mar 2006

Probably not much help to you, but the last company I worked for had a large Intranet and lots of printers. If the nearest printer to me was unavailable I could fetch up a drop down menu listing all the other printers. They all had a unique name and a location code, (so I knew where they were). I just selected another one to print to and then walked round to that printer and picked up my printouts.

This was all run by the company's System Department. Does your school not have a System Department?

  [DELETED] 16:03 17 Mar 2006

At my school, using Win XP Pro, I just select file > print > printer name and, if the one I want to use doesn't show in the drop down menu, I use the "find printer" option that is displayed at the same time.

  [DELETED] 16:05 17 Mar 2006

You have to install the printers to each PC that you wish to use them from.

Start/Printers and Faxes\Add a Printer. Choose the network printer option and in the next dialog select Connect to this printer (or browse etc) Click next and your network printers should be visible. Choose the printer you want and click next. it will install and be available to the PC it was installed on.

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Sorry, should have mentioned. This assumes your network is a Domain, and the printers are installed on the server with Windows drivers.

  recap 16:12 17 Mar 2006

Further to ventanas postings, if this is a domain network, you may not have permissions to install a printer this way.

Another way, on a domain, is to browse the network to the server and once the printer you require has been located, right click the printer icon and select "Connect".

  [DELETED] 16:13 17 Mar 2006

Alternatively connect the printer directly to one of the PC's and install it to that machine. Set it as shared and install to the other PC's using the procedure in my first post.

  [DELETED] 15:48 21 Mar 2006

I think that I haven't been clear with my problem. We have 4 HP 3700n printers and none are connected to a PC. There are data points around the school where ethernet patch cables can be plugged in, sometimes coming from PCs and sometimes from printers. All the printers are postscript printers and are simply plugged into a data point. On Macs I simply choose to use a postscript printer and am offered the choice of any one of the 4. PCs are probably just as easy to use, if only I knew how.

I didn't understand, Ventanas, about the network being a domain. It might well be but I don't know what this means. It must be possible to browse the network to the server, since a shared folder that I created is stored there and we can all use it, but, even if I found the server, none of the printers is physically connected to it, only to a data point.

When I choose to Add a Printer the wizard suggests using the local printer and not the network printer option but, whatever path I choose, I get lost.

I might well have to ask BT who look after our network to connect the printer for me but they will either send an engineer when I am not in school or am busy teaching or will fix it remotely, which all result in me learning nothing.

Thanks, Rob

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