Finding out hardware names

  odb 01:01 25 Jul 2003

I'm looking to find out the name of my motherboard so I can update the driver. Anyone know where to look please?

  powerless 01:03 25 Jul 2003

The motherboard itself.

or click here

If that does not work click here

You may also see the Mobos name when the computer is starting.

  odb 01:20 25 Jul 2003

It's come up with info on my Main Circuit Board. it says a have a SiS-645. where would I go for a driver update for it... any ideas?

  Quiller. 01:47 25 Jul 2003

There are 965 hits here.

click here.

97 hits for upgrade

click here

Hope some are of use.

  Quiller. 01:50 25 Jul 2003

Or here for the upgrade? lol

click here

  odb 02:08 25 Jul 2003

tried the links and the last two came up blank.

I need an update for a sis-645 and my version is 5.1.2600.0 If anybody can give me a link for this update i'd be grateful. thanks

  Tog 07:26 25 Jul 2003

sis645 is a chipset so it doesn't give us the make of the motherboard. Have a look on the board itself for a part number or FCC number.

  odb 16:37 25 Jul 2003

Looking at the motherboard itself means i will end up making my warranty void by opening the case, any other way to find out?

  odb 16:54 25 Jul 2003

ok, got some info

ID: 05/02/2002-SiS-645-6A6IXE19C-00

Name: ECS L4S5M

Company: Elitegroup Computer Systems Inc.

  Rayuk 17:32 25 Jul 2003

click here

You will need to check the version of your board,
opening the case shouldnt void your warranty unless it has a seal on it.

  Belatucadrus 17:47 25 Jul 2003

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