gloops1 14:13 23 May 2010

Hi Guy's!

Listen, when one postes a thread here how do you keep a track of it? Shurly one doesn't have to keep ploughing through ALL the threads over and over?????

  rawprawn 14:16 23 May 2010

Click on "My Postings" top right of th page

  Graphicool1 15:10 23 May 2010

If you post your own thread, every time someone post a reply to it you get an email with a link to your thread.

If you reply to somone elses thread, as rawprawn says, check 'My Postings' top right.

  robin_x 16:34 23 May 2010

Other forums eg digitalspsy can send an email for everything (if you set it up in profile prefs options etc)

I much prefer that way. But I do like this forum too. So I live with My Postings.

In general, after a few days or a week, if you dont see a thread that you think "I posted to that" probably doesnt matter any more.

  gloops1 19:15 23 May 2010

Thanks guys! You know, I thought I saw that damn sign somewhere. Knew if I made a thread it would appear .....(:

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