Finding a new cable wireless router

  CarsonUK 12:29 19 Apr 2010

Hey guys, I'm new here! I'm looking to buy a new cable router, price isn't really an issue, as long as it does a better job than our current one.

Me and my house have a Virgin Media 50mbit download and 1.5mbit upload fibre line to our house and we currently have the D-Link DIR-615 with FW: 4.11 (got rid of the VM made FW as it was even worst), it gives us terrible performance and speed unless only one person is using it.

Now I'm not a 'noob' when it comes to computers so I understand that the more clients connected and uploading/downloading will decrease performance however relaibilty is also the issue as we have to restart the router near daily!

We currently have:

Desktop, Windows 7 64 = Wired
Desktop, Windows 7 64 = Wired/Wireless N
Desktop, Windows XP 32 = Wired/N
Laptop, Windows 7 64 = N
Laptop, Windows 7 64 = Wired/N
MacBook, Mac OS X/Windows 7 64 = Wired/N (it might be G, can't remember)
Laptop, Windows 7 32 = N
Laptop, Windows Vista 32 = G
Netbook, Windows 7 32 = N (might also be G, havn't looked)
2x Playstation 3 = Wired/G
Xbox 360 = Wired
We also have iPhones etc connected now and then.

As you can see, we have alot of machines connected, of course not all the time but our current wireless never goes to 100% signal stood next to it when thats all that it has connected to it! I have read that people have had alot of problems with poor performance with my current router.

A 5+ ethernet (gigabit would be nice but not nessasary) port router would be ideal so we don't have to unplug people all the time. I have been looking around the net for routers for awhile but every one I have seen has had mixed reviews so hopefully I will find someone with a simular layout to mine.

If you would like any more info, please let me know.

Thanks in advance, Rob.

  mgmcc 21:00 19 Apr 2010

Silly question, as you're obviously an experienced user, but have you performed a "hard reset" of the router back to factory default settings?

I have the same router but it wasn't supplied by Virgin, I bought it myself from Amazon and it's actually running old firmware - v2.25 from May 2008. On the basis that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", I haven't updated it.

I have 2 desktops (Win XP/Vista & Win 7), Laptop (Win XP), Netbook (Win 7) and Mac OSX all connected to it, so far very reliably. The 802.11n WiFi adapter bundled with it is installed in the Win 7 desktop and connects consistently at 300Mbps.

It may be that, if yours was "customised" by Virgin, there was more than just their firmware installed and changing the firmware hasn't restored it to a conventional retail version.

I have a "Virgin" Netgear WGR614 (freebie from Telewest) and it isn't possible to install updated firmware from Netgear's site in that.

I know this isn't much help but I do like D-Link routers and prior to getting the DIR-615 (for its 802.11n support), I was using their DI-524 which was totally reliable.

  CarsonUK 11:53 20 Apr 2010

Thanks for your reply mgmcc, I have done a hard reset before and re-setup the router but to no avail. I updated to the 4.11 as it came with VM firmware which made the router next to unusable (the routers web page would can 2 - 5 mins for each page to load :s).

I also have that netgear router connected via a long Ethernet from the D-Link router upstairs (since the wireless is so bad from the D-Link, we needed further wireless/ports downstairs as well).

I have checked a few of the N laptops from the above post standing next to the router and I never get more than ~160mbps and then its very variable (jumps from 54 - ~160mbps).

I think with the amount of machines we use around the house, I'm going to need a bigger and more powerful router as the D-Link is only a budget N router, which I'm sure does a average/good job with a couple of wired machines and laptops, but just struggles with huge amounts of machines like our setup.

When I was just using one desktop wired on my own, I was able to get full 50mbits down and 1.5mbps up consistently so I know that our cable line is up to the job and the router can output the speed, just not route it very well.

I may give the 2.25 firmware ago, may take a few days as someone is always using the net haha.

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